Rockstar Games really outdid themselves when they created the side quests for this cowboy game

Rockstar Games are famous for their attention to detail, but when they released Red Dead Redemption II all the way back in 2018, even those who’d believed in them from the very beginning were blown away. The sheer scale of the map, combined with the endless research that went into creating a totally believable cowboy world was incredible. Whilst the main mission alone is enough to take up hundreds of game hours, the side quests add a whole other dimension to this already brilliant game. Here we’re going to unravel some of the very best side quests that you’d be a fool to miss out on.

Oh Brother

Some of the side quests in Red Dead Redemption II are straightforward and over in a flash, others take you on a journey with the characters involved, and perhaps nowhere is this as true as in the Oh Brother quests. These quests last a long time and whilst the brothers might seem annoying with their constant bickering, in the beginning, it won’t be long before you start to feel quite fond of them. The quests involve the brothers competing for the affections of a woman who they both fancy as their own. They need your help to prove which of them is the more worthy choice of a man for her. They start off light-hearted but get gradually more and more perilous. Watch out for them popping up all over the map, as the grand finale is well worth seeing.

The Compendium Challenges

These challenges make up a fair chunk of side quest action, but they’re worth it because they’ll take you all over the map. Plus, if you want to complete the game to that hallowed 100% then you’ll need to complete the compendium as well. In order to play the games involved in the Gambler Challenge, you’ll need to travel to all of the saloons, as well as some hangout spots that are famous for dominoes and five finger fillet. Some of the Gambler Challenges are more difficult than the others and for the poker challenges, in particular, you’ll need at least a little knowledge of how the game works. A good way to brush up on your skills is to spend a little time practising. You can squeeze in five minutes here and there as you only need your phone. This list of the top mobile casinos is helpful for quickly deciding which one you’d like to play at. It does not require any download and can be played on any mobile device or PC. Each casino has given a star rating based on a variety of factors such as safety and security, the payment methods available, and how effective the customer service is, and most of them have demo games that you can use for practising. Once you’re feeling ready to take on the challenges in the game, make sure that you save as soon as you make it into a saloon where you can play poker. Keep calm, remember what your practice has taught you and you’ll likely succeed more quickly than you thought you would.

He’s British Of Course

Far from the glitzy circus shows of today, roadside shows were far more popular back in the early 1900s

When it comes to the battle for which of Rockstar Games releases is truly the best, this is one of the quests that make people err on the side of Red Dead Redemption II. This quest is both zany and tricky and one that you really want to make a special detour to complete. You’ll find a broken-down circus cart just outside Lemoyne, with a distressed ring leader nearby. He’s lost all of his animals and he needs your help finding them. First up you’ll need to find his zebra. Hop onto your horse and track the zebra as you would any other animal, you’ll come across a stripey something in the distance, which upon closer inspection is a painted horse. Lassoo the horse and bring it back to the ring leader to start the remaining part of the challenge. As well as his ‘zebra’ it turns out he’s missing a lion and a tiger. When you begin tracking down the lion you’ll quickly notice that all is not well with it and indeed when you finally come across it, you’ll see that the lion is, in fact, a dog with a mane who looks to have been dispatched by a predator far larger. Without going into too much detail about the tiger that you’re now expected to find, it might not be what you had previously imagined it might be. This quest shows the sense of humour of the writers but is also firmly rooted in history. Around this time, exotic animals were being transported all around the world so that people could look at them in shows on the roadside. Of course, without the internet, and through hearsay alone, who’s going to know whether you’ve just painted stripes on a horse, or shaved a mane onto a dog?