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We’re not really sure why the Blind Postman is actually called the Blind Postman, other than the fact that the few collectibles you stumble across just so happen to be envelope-shaped. Other than that though, the connection is tenuous at best. Instead, what the Blind Postman actually is is a ice-sliding puzzler. Thankfully we’re well up for one of those. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Blind Postman arrives from the DillyFrameGames team (they behind the slew of ‘Bunny’ titles like Bunny Parking and Kick It, Bunny!) as they attempt to distance themselves from the rabbit-based mayhem. 

Instead we find ourselves cast as a postman, of sorts, left to slide this way and that across 50 odd levels in hope of finding an exit to our doings. If you’re played any of the numerous ice-sliders from the past – you know the type, move in a direction and don’t stop until you hit a wall, before moving in a new direction, rinsing and repeating – then you’ll be well at home here. 

Delivered with some Tron-styled visuals, Blind Postman is certainly no looker on the graphical front, but it does strangely come with a soundtrack that is super-chilled, some levels which are well created and full of some great obstacles. In fact, our full review of Blind Postman on Xbox One talks about all these things are more – give it a read in order to discover whether this is a game for you or not. 

It’s priced at just £3.29, so honestly, even if you find yourself popping on to mop up some easy cheevos, it does the job required right there. But each of the levels are reletively short too and that should mean this is perfect for dipping into and out of at will. 

Should you wish to cast yourself in the role of the Blind Postman, you’ll find the Xbox Store giving up the download you need. 

Game Description:

You can see only walls. You cannot stop until you hit an obstacle. Obstacles can be dangerous. Obstacles can be helpful. You won’t find out until you try. What is it glowing in the distance? It’s a letter! You have to reach it. You have to gather it and bring it to the end. Can you die? No! It’s just another try. You will try until you find an exit of the labyrinth.

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