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The block breaking continues in Arkanoid Eternal Battle


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Arkanoid. The name alone sells this one. But what if we throw in some Battle Royale Arkanoid goodness? Well, that’s how we get to Arkanoid Eternal Battle. 

Available right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC, with a retail version due to drop into the North American region on November 8th 2022, Arkanoid Eternal Battle has been put together by the development team at Pastagames, helped out to market by the Microids squad. 

Priced up at £24.99 (at least from the Xbox Store, you may find other formats differ ever-so-slightly), Arkanoid Eternal Battle is a modernised, revamped, reimagined version of the classic block and brick breaker. A game that probably set the scene for those to follow it – and believe us, there are a ton of brick breakers that you can play today on Xbox – that Arkanoid name is one that will usher up many a memory. 

Arkanoid Eternal Battle brings four game modes to the table. Each do pretty much what you would expect – smash some bricks and keep juggling the balls – but it’s the Retro mode that will whisk you back to 1986 and the classic. Neo expands on this with new levels and a rather neat modern day art design, whilst Versus allows 2-4 players to complete locally on the same screen. 

The titular Eternal Battle may well be where the big focus is though. See, for the very first time, Arkanoid Eternal Battle allows for some Battle Royale goodness as up to twenty-five players hit out online, attempting to be the last paddle standing. 

Infinite lives come in here, but dropping a ball will see your score decreased by 10% – the player with the lowest score at a certain interval will be eliminated. There are special powers to help keep you in the game, or to help push your opponents out, glitching your foes’ screens, reducing the size of their ship and speeding up their balls. 

It’s when Arkanoid Eternal Battle moves into the last four players where things get really interesting though as the final battle awaits. You’ll be battling others and DOH in 45 second intervals – just keep that score up and you should be sorted. 

New key features of this latest version of Arkanoid include:

  • – A brand-new artistic direction and new surprising features, items and powers, conceived by the famous French Studio Pastagames.
  • – 4 GAME MODES, including: 2 single-player modes (Neo & Retro) and 2 multiplayer modes, Local Versus and Eternal Battle
  • – NEO (1-player): A new game mode. Same Gameplay as the classic Arkanoid Game with new power-ups and new spacewalls
  • – RETRO (1-player): Discover a part of History through a vintage Arcade Cabinet
  • – VERSUS (2-4 players): Players competing on the same screen (split-screen) based on the Neo mode gameplay
  • – ETERNAL BATTLE (25-player): Players competing online, the last player standing wins the game. Champions can use special powers to take the advantage during the game.
  • – High Replay-Value, thanks to the new “Eternal Battle” mode, play online and face opponents around the world
  • – Adaptative and progressive original soundtrack, composed by Xavier Thiry
  • – Dedicated online leaderboard in the 3 main modes (Neo, Retro, Battle Royale) will be available at launch, highlight the players’ highest scores

With a Space Scout Pack kicking around as DLC (£1.69), bringing digital bonuses to the game, there’s a chance that Arkanoid Eternal Battle could be the shot in the brick-breaking foot that the genre needs. We’ll be sure to let you know how it goes as we get hands-on with the Xbox Series X|S version of the game. This one is fully optimised for the latest consoles too. 

To grab a copy of Arkanoid Eternal Battle for yourself, the Xbox Store awaits. You’ll also find the game on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC too. 

Game Description:

Arkanoid is an iconic arcade game, developed by TAITO Corporation in 1986. When the mother ship ARKANOID comes under attack, the small spacecraft VAUS manages to escape but ends up warped into another dimension. Wandering in an inter-dimensional labyrinth, VAUS must destroy blocks called “”spacewalls”” in order to defeat “”DOH””, the creator of the maze responsible for ARKANOID’s destruction. Arkanoid – Eternal Battle, developed by the talented French studio Pastagames marks the return of the iconic block breaker game. For the first time ever, players will be able to compete against each other, offering an online experience thanks to the Eternal Battle mode, the main new feature of this game, brining the arcade experience to a whole new level. This Battle Royale mode offers the possibility to compete among 25 players online. Arkanoid is one of the most accessible, if not, the most accessible game in the history. The concept remains simple, but you’ll will face level after level an increase of progressive difficulty.

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