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Cat-lovers rejoice, for there’s a new feline-focused experience on the market that’s dissimilar to anything else out there. Unlike the more relaxing approach of recent cat café simulation Calico, this intense puzzler is wild and will blow your mind. Prepare for the weird mazes of PUSS! out now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

A collaborative effort from teamCOIL and Samustai sees PUSS! – a game that has been dubbed as an ’avoid-em up’ puzzler – arrive with a whopping 150 short, but tricky levels to tackle. Essentially you’re going to play through these challenges as a cat that’s trapped within another dimension. Bear with us here as we explain what exactly you’ll be doing while in the role of the cat, which is guiding it through mazes without touching walls in order to reach the exit portal of each level. To make matters more difficult, they’re presented in a random sequence for every run-through you attempt.

In essence, fighting your way out of this dimension is genuinely as straightforward as navigating all of the mazes and getting to grips with the various mechanics. Some of them feature moving platforms, putting the onus on timing, while others may provide limited windows of opportunity, where speed is crucial. On top of needing to figure out the solutions, you’ll also have the hectic visuals to contend with, which are based on glitch art, surrealism, psychedelic elements, vaporwave, and more. 

If you think you’re ready for the maze-like chaos of PUSS!, calmly venture towards the Xbox Store, hand over £9.99, and then watch all hell break loose as you delve into this bizarre world. It’s worth remembering, you can find it on the PS Store and Nintendo eShop as well. Should you not be wholly convinced, hang tight for our upcoming review for the full lowdown on PUSS!

Game Description:

Bossfights! The real Bullet Hell! Free your future partners and they’ll help you fight evil! Compare the results of your run with the results of other players on the leaderboard. The levels are tougher than they look at first sight. They also appear in a random sequence! Various skins for your cat :3

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