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We’re not sure pandas are best utilised as world saviours, but that’s the case in Pandaty. We’re not going to complain. 

Pandaty is available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as the team at Weakfish Studios deliver a cutesy little 2D platformer to the world. 

Priced at £4.19, you’re not going to go into Pandaty with hopes of finding a AAA world beater, and it’s probably going to struggle to find a home in any upcoming Game of the Year lists, but for the price, and the chance to take charge of a little panda who is looking to save their friends, we’re interested. 

Pandaty is the most simple of ideas. Help a little panda meet up with their monkey mates. Job is a good ‘un. From trailers and screens, we’re guessing that there are a ton of the missing mischievous monkeys dotted around Pandaty’s isles, with spike pits, moving platforms and evil bosses sitting between them and you. Overcome all and you can be crowned king Panda. 

With a bit of humour infused throughout, some uniquely designed stages and a cute little visual look, there could well be enough about Pandaty to keep you rolling through an evening or two. We’ll certainly try and find out when we run full review. 

For now, take in the key features below and then head to the Xbox Store to nab a Pandaty download for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S if you want to save a cheeky monkey

  • Smooth and Polished Gameplay,
  • Cute designed Levels and Graphics,
  • Humorous dialogues,
  • Boss fights,
  • Unique designed levels,
  • and Pandas!

Game Description:

Pandaty is 2D Cute Platformer Game, Explore this sweet world of adventure! Our character must pass the sweetly designed levels, But watch out! Sometimes they may not be so sweet!

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