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The dynamic destruction of Deathly Dangerous declares war on Xbox

deathly dangerous
Deathly Dangerous is on Xbox

We’re not exactly short of twin-stick shooters on Xbox, but don’t think we won’t take another. Today Deathly Dangerous arrives on the scene, declaring all-out war on all those who oppose it. 

Available right now as the latest from the HugePixel and ChiliDog Interactive teams is Deathly Dangerous. It releases to the world of Xbox with a £4.19 price tag attached, giving players next to no reason to ignore the twin-stick shooting joys it holds. 

A dangerous twin-stick shooter

Playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Deathly Dangerous has you playing as a hero character intent on vanquishing all evil. With a scythe to hand, complemented by a couple of pistols, it’ll be up to you to help them push back anything that gets in the way. 

Roguelike elements await – of course they do – as do twin-stick shooting mechanics, as you blast and slash your way through a ton of enemies. Thankfully, Deathly Dangerous on Xbox provides the tools you need for the job to be deemed a success. 

Drop in some bright, colourful, cartoony visuals, and that low asking price of Deathly Dangerous on Xbox seems to get all the more appealing. Agreed? Grab a download from the Xbox Store right now

Does it have enough about it to challenge Brotato on Game Pass in all-out war? We’ll find out in review.

Deathly Dangerous Description

Deadly and equally dangerous — that’s our nameless hero, who swore an oath to vanquish all the evildoers of this fantasy land! Armed with scythe and two automatic pistols, he will tolerate no one who stands in his way.

DD is a new twin-stick action with high emphasis on dynamic combat, roguelike elements and neat pixel art style. This game gives you literally hordes of enemies and different tools to dispose of them. Cartoonish violence has never been so fun before — trust us, you gonna love shooting those pesky spiders and skeletons!

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