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The Easiest Way to Boost Your Gamerscore with New Games and Xbox Game Pass Additions from April 2021


Christ, April 2021 has flown by hasn’t it? In the UK at least, the pubs reopened after Lockdown 3.0, and much of the country has been in various forms of hangovers ever since. As such, we’ve got a shorter list this month, mainly because most of the team in TXH towers have been too busy socialising again to play any games. But there are still plenty of easy achievements available from the latest Xbox games and those new Xbox Game Pass additions that rocked in throughout April 2021. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Ladders by POWGI – 5 for 110G – Pug Hug, Give us an ‘R’, Give us an ‘A’, A Descent Strategy and First Steps

Ladders by POWGI

Another listicle, and another POWGI game to highlight for easy achievements. Every month one of these titles release, it’s a shoo-in for our easy achievements list, and the latest – Ladders by POWGI – is certainly no exception. This one comes with the added bonus of five achievements for the first puzzle.

Ladders by POWGI on Xbox is a word game based on the famous ladder puzzles, where two words are given and players need to get from one to the other by changing one letter at a time.

In the first puzzle, you need to change the word ‘Cop’ into ‘Car’, one letter at a time. Here’s how to do it:

Cop -> Cap -> Car

Various achievements will pop up as you complete this puzzle. Firstly, Give us an ‘A’ will pop when you input the word ‘cap’ for 20G, and there will be another 20G for Give us an ‘R’ when you input ‘car’. Completing the puzzle will also offer you 30G for Pug Hug and completing a 3-letter ladder, First Steps for 10G for completing your first puzzle, and another 30G for A Descent Strategy and completing the puzzle from top-to-bottom. I don’t think you’ll get a better return on achievements this month for that super easy task.

Yoko & Yuki: Dr. Rat’s Revenge – 4 for 130G – Open the door… close the door, Jumper cat, Dream to fly and Way to go!

Yoko & Yuki: Dr. Rat's Revenge

Another game, another multi achievement and another load that can be completed in the first level.

Yoko & Yuki: Dr. Rat’s Revenge is a 2D platformer with a world turning mechanic and a family friendly aesthetic. Yoko and Yuki are cats that, shall we say, are on the plump side? Dr. Rat has kidnapped Yuki and now Yoko must save his girlfriend using a variety of gadgets to traverse through the levels.

Anyways, the achievements. Load up the first level and firstly… stand still for three minutes. This will unlock the 30G Open the door… close the door achievement. During that time, put the kettle on, check your socials or tweet us @TheXboxHub and tell us what you’re doing!

After the three minutes have passed, press the jump button 400 times. This will unlock Jumper cat and Dream to fly worth 40G and 50G respectively. And then I suppose you can finish the level itself, and unlock the 10G achievement Way to go!

Rain on Your Parade – 10G – Minimum Effort

Rain on Your Parade

A surprise game that launched into Xbox Game Pass is Rain on Your Parade that seems to be bringing a lot of smiles to those that play it. And with an achievement name like this, it feels tailor made for our achievement list.

In Rain on Your Parade, you play as a cloud hell-bent on ruining people’s days by opening up the heavens and raining all over them. If you enjoyed running amok in Untitled Goose Game, then you’ll love Rain on Your Parade on Xbox.

But it is as kind as it is cruel though, as the first achievement will testify. Simply start the game and you will earn 10G and the aptly-named Minimum Effort achievement. Now go piss on some bonfires!

Hellbreachers – 20G – Boss Tamer Lvl 1


This next game is Hellbreachers; a game that can be completed within 30 minutes – I have that on good authority from Mr. Paul Renshaw of TheXboxHub. Completion in the sense that you unlock every achievement. In previous months we have featured full walkthroughs for games such as Balancelot and #SinucaAttack that can be completed in shorter times, so 30 minutes in comparison feels like an age. We will though be focussing on another favourite type of achievement to feature in these lists however, the good old tutorial achievement.

Hellbreachers is a 2D platformer/hack and slash very reminiscent of the old Golden Axe games – ask your parents – with cartoony pixel visuals. This opening tutorial will show you the ropes with what buttons to press to jump, hack, slash and on how to discover the keys that will unlock chests; skills that are all required for the full 1000G completion.

There is also a boss to defeat at the end of this level, known as Goon. They don’t really do much except for charge into you, so keep slashing away at them and you will soon have 20G to your name.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War – 15G – Groovy

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Our final achievement this month is one that comes about from a game that launched back in February 2020 but has now just arrived on Xbox Game Pass; the immensely fun Nazi-zombie shooting b-movie romp, Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

You might be disappointed though to hear that for this achievement, you will not be harming any Nazi-zombies. Instead, you are making yourself look the part by kitting out your character the way you like in preparation for shooting thousands of zombies in the face.

Head to your Player Setup as part of your loadout before heading out on a mission, and then press RB to move to the Headgear menu. Equip a hat of your choosing and you earn a very easy but very appealing 15G. Just try to not get any brain juice on it, ok?

And that’s it for April! Did we miss any easy achievements out? Let us know in the comments below.

Next month will see some big releases in the form of Resident Evil Village, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – with a revamped achievement list I am very keen on seeing – and Biomutant to name but a few. After seeing all those games appear on our ‘Up Next for May 2021’ article, what are the odds that we will see at least one of these appearing in our easy achievement and Gamerscore list next month? Tune in to find out!

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