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If you’ve been following Elder Scrolls Online, you will know that the past 12-months have been about the Dark Heart of Skyrim. This trek into the locales and characters of Skyrim is coming to an end, however, as Markarth sees Bethesda draw a line under the saga (don’t worry – there’s plenty more of Elder Scrolls Online to come). The Elder Scrolls Online: Markarth Expansion is out now on Xbox One and PS4, following on from that of Stadia and PC.

It’s not going to end with a whimper. Markarth takes you to the wilds of the Reach and Arkthzand Cavern zones, where you’ll culminate in Markarth itself – the impenetrable fortress of Skyrim. Don’t worry – you won’t be alone: you’ll have gathered a band of allies. Your best bet is to ring yourself with garlic and sharpen the odd stick, as a vampire lord is your arch-nemesis in this one. He’s furnished himself with an ancient army, and is ready for you. 

As with previous ESO expansions, this comes with a hefty slice of quality-of-life improvements for the main game. Update 28 includes new quests, character challenges, a Vateshran Hollows solo arena, an Item Set Collection system and more. This last one allows you to store away all the weapons, armour and other gubbins that have been crowding your inventory, bank and coffers. Now you can get into Markarth and fill it up again! Wahoo!

It’s a good time to get back into the fray, not only because things will undoubtedly be sped up by the might of Xbox Series X|S. We’re in the midst of the Tamriel Together promotion, which is a global event that is covering the world. Share stories, meet the community and enter a new sweepstakes contest.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Markarth Expansion is out now on Xbox One and PS4 after previously dropping on PC. If you wish to grab the base game, get over to the Xbox Store.

Should you wish to find out how The Elder Scrolls plays out, we’ve got reviews of the Greymoor expansion, that of Elsweyr and Morrowind

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