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Yellow Dot are seemingly working their entire lives around the cooperative gaming angle. After previously releasing Let’s Cook Together to Xbox – with some rather decent success – it’s now the ticking timebomb of Them Bombs which has made moves onto Microsoft’s finest. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Them Bombs is Yellow Dot’s attempt at continuing that cooperative feel, as they task players to work together all in order to disarm bombs and save the world.

Running very much in competition to the brilliant Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Them Bombs  is a slightly cheaper alternative which is sure to appeal to fans of that previous bomb disarming affair. 

This one costs a mere £7.29 and when you consider it really does need two people to be in line with one another, splitting that cost is certainly a route to consider. 

When you do head in, what should you expect? Well, there’s a story kicking around in the background, one which focuses on Dr. TiNT and the need to disarm a ticking bomb, but honestly the best way to think of Them Bombs is as a full on local multiplayer/cooperative entity, one in which one player becomes the Unlikely Hero, messing around with wires, buttons and switches, whilst the other – the Expert – tells them exactly what to do, making the most of the included Bomb Defusal Manual in the process. 

By working together, Them Bombs will have you disarming explosives in swift manner, saving the world and its people as you go. 

If you were taken in by what Yellow Dot previously delivered in Let’s Cook Together, or loved the bomb options running in Keep Talking, then we’re sure that Them Bombs will cover what you need. You’ll find it available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S by visiting the Xbox Store

Keep an eye out for our full review of Them Bombs on Xbox too. 

Game Description:

A text message from Dr. TiNT leads you to a ticking bomb. Tic-toc! Tic-toc! Every second counts. Will you keep a cool head and manage to defuse the bomb? One of the players takes on the role of the Unlikely Hero, who finds a bomb and tries to defuse it. The other one becomes the Expert, who has access to the Bomb Defusal Manual – and can’t look at the bomb. Together, your goal is to save as many lives as possible. Read, listen, and talk to disarm the bomb!

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