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We’ve told you many times how the power of the V-Buck is able to control the world, yet with the addition of the latest Fortnite DLC pack on the market, it’s also one that is able to take charge of the virtual world too. Yep, the Fortnite – Vox Hunter’s Quest Pack is here and it brings with it everyone’s favourite digital avatar, along with a host of skins, challenges, quests and, most importantly, those free V-Bucks. 

Available to purchase and download right now for £9.99 from the Xbox Store (other store pricings may vary), the Vox Hunter’s Quest Pack focuses the efforts on the Fox Clan’s unstoppable tracker – the Vox Hunter. 

You see, it is this little guy who is here to not just discover the truth behind the Fortnite madness, but also to offer up players a host of new opportunities, with those mostly focused on new gear and freebies. 

The Vox Hunter’s Quest Pack adds in the same kind of stuff that various other Fortnite DLC drops have included, with the Vox Hunter Outfit accompanied by the Elder Fox Crest Back Bling, and both the Vox Fangs and Vox Mane Pickaxes. Further to that is a rather tasty looking Fox Clan Future Wrap. 

But it’s the additional Quests that will be of most interest to many, with anyone purchasing this pack and adding it into their game able to complete a variety of new Quests in return for no less than 1500 V-Bucks. That’s more than enough to not become a decent little proposition. 

Those V-Bucks can then be spent in the usual way, letting you purchase whatever you like in Battle Royale, Creative and Save the World modes. 

You will obviously need the base game of Fortnite to hand in order to be able to add these goodies, but from there you’re good to go by visiting the Xbox Store and picking up the Vox Hunter’s Quest Pack. You should find it on the stores of other formats too. 

Let us know if you decide to pick it up. And if this pack isn’t to your liking, perhaps the Lok-Bot Pack or Dizzie’s Domain will be.

DLC Description:

Digital avatar and the Fox Clan’s unstoppable tracker, Vox Hunter is here to find the truth. Complete Quests to earn V-Bucks with Vox Hunter’s Quest Pack.

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