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The Greatest Xbox One Games of February


February is the second month of the calendar year and it is here where the videogames industry tends to warm up, having seen this month host a decent range of Xbox One games over the years. Here is a showcase of Xbox games that have released in the month of February from years past, promising to keep you nice and toasty when it’s still frigid outside – and you don’t even need gloves!

Rayman Legends – 2014

Rayman Legends

Make no mistake about it, Rayman Legends is the most ludicrously colourful and ebullient platformer in a long time. When you’re swinging and jumping frantically whilst Ram Jam’s Black Betty rhythmically sews you through a level, you know you’re playing a game that’s plain bonkers and whimsical.

Originally released in September 2013, Rayman Legends wasted no time in showing off how colourfully cool it is, refusing to be held down by the unstoppable hype-train of GTA V, although its time of release didn’t do it the justice it thoroughly deserved.

Thankfully when Legends arrived on Xbox One in February 2014 it was clear air and straight sailing – it may have been a port, but there was no excuse now, February was the time to see why Rayman Legends stands head and shoulders above its platforming competitors.  

Rocket League2016

Rocket League

Before Fortnite there was Rocket League – a game so simple it only needed a huge ball and athletically capable cars that can flip in the air and bound about to gain possession of said ball.

Rocket League quickly became a sensation because it was just so damn fun and addictive to play. When the goal net explodes in a cloud of colour that sends your vehicle flying upon scoring, it’s a bedazzling celebration befitting of the game’s gratifying and simple mechanics.

Rocket League is just pure four-wheeled frolics that hasn’t aged one jot since it released, and there’s nothing quite like it on Xbox One.

Apex Legends2019

Apex Legends

Now this was a real surprise. Nobody saw it coming, nobody had heard of it before it released. Apex Legends just landed and became an astronomical success.

Respawn has done a tremendous job at jumping on the Battle Royale trend with a deliciously competitive FPS that’s twitchy and brilliantly frenetic – no surprise considering they worked on the understatedly brilliant Titanfall 2.

Apex Legends is one of the best shooters of this generation and will easily please anybody who wants a stylish FPS they can spend days, weeks, months or years glued to. It’s a multiplayer triumph from out of nowhere.  

Metro: Exodus 2019

Metro: Exodus

We had to put up with a wait of six years since the original launch of the last Metro game – Metro: Last Light – and now after the long interval we got Metro: Exodus. It was a delightfully decrepit showpiece.

Metro games are brilliant at making ruinous and desolate landscapes look attractive, and Exodus is no exception. Gritty, dangerous and foreboding – Metro Exodus is a pleasingly dank shooter with story and characters that appear as desperate as the suffocating world they’re surrounded by.

Far Cry New Dawn2019

Far Cry New Dawn

A Far Cry game 11 months after Far Cry 5 came out? Yep, and it’s arguably better than it too.

Far Cry New Dawn may be set seventeen years after the nuclear devastation that levelled Hope County in Far Cry 5, yet it emerges from the ether to adorn itself with a brash and kickass attitude that’s hard not to gravitate towards. A worthy follow up to Far Cry 5, New Dawn gives you another reason to step back into Ubisoft’s famed open-world.

So, February huh? It’s been a pretty damn decent month over the years, seeing a solid range of Xbox titles launching to some critical acclaim. But what is your favourite February launch? Let us know in the comments below.

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