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Deck-builders and card games have really come to the fore in the last 12 months or so. In fact, there are a ton of decent options for gamers looking to flip their decks present on nearly all the digital stores. Today though we get one more – The Magister. 

The Magister from Nerdook and Digerati tries to take a different tact to the others out there, combining a whole host of game ideas and genres in one. It’s a murder-mystery affair for instance, but then it brings card battling and RPG elements to the table for good measure. How you work with these genres, building and customising your deck in the process will ultimately be the key to any success. 

Priced at £12.49 and available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch right now, The Magister puts you in the role of the titular character – an agent who is assigned to enforce the rule of law in the far-flung provinces of the Empire. This time around you’ve been sent off to Silverhurst; a village which is attempting to understand the motives of a murder. 

As you’d expect to hear, clues will need to be gathered up and motives will need to be discovered, all so you can unmask the culprit at hand. But this is a randomly generated murder-mystery, so every time you head in to the world of The Magister, things will have changed up since the last time. 

With the usual card based antics you would come to expect from such a game, and a fantasy land to wander through, we’ve got high hopes for what The Magister can bring. Stay tuned as our full review of the game on Xbox covers the bases needed. 

Full key features of the game include:

  • Randomly generated murder-mystery: A walkthrough won’t help here! The events, clues, motives, and murderer change with every playthrough. Only YOU can identify the guilty suspect.
  • Tactical card-based encounters:
  • Your combat and negotiation skills are determined by the cards in your deck. Use a vast array of cards, such as ‘Heartstopper’, ‘Poison Slash’, ‘Weak Joke’, and ‘Long Talk’.
  • Pacify enemies for a peaceful outcome: Use ‘Tactical Diplomacy’ as an alternative to fighting and calm foes with your conversation cards to reduce their Rage level to 0.
  • Choose your Magister: Different Magisters come with their own specialities and flaws. From cunning alcoholic to intelligent insomniac – every variation defines a different adventure.
  • Recruit a human ally or furry companion:
  • If needed, a Mercenary, Spy, or Sage can be recruited to assist in your investigation. You can also befriend one of the local cats or dogs to fight by your side in battles.
  • Set in a captivating fantasy world: You have 14 days to wander Silverhurst and befriend or intimidate its inhabitants as you race against time to unmask the murderer.

Fancy a bit of this one? You’ll find The Magister on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, the Steam page for PC and the Nintendo eShop for Switch. It’s probably best to give the trailer below a watch too. 

Game Description:

The Magister is a murder-mystery card-battler RPG. Build and customise your deck to fight in battles, or use ‘Tactical Diplomacy’ to pacify those who stand in your way. Gather clues and discover motives as you investigate the death of your predecessor and unmask the guilty culprit.

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