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The Most Iconic Casino Settings in Video Games


Real-world elements inspire most modern video games. Exploring these elements is fun as it makes games more relatable. The representation of the elements has a significant impact on the general feel of the game. The casino is one of the most interesting elements to explore.

Real-life casinos are popularly used in video games to evoke a sense of excitement. Casino settings in video games are typically designed to look and feel alien to the real world. Game developers creatively make these casino resorts inconsistent with the rest of the gaming world. Here are a few of the most iconic casino settings in video games. 

  1. Jewel Resort Casino-Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy is a product of Cygames. Your main goal when playing is to improve your party. You need to collect items and characters all through your journey. 

The Jewel Resort Casino was introduced in Chapter 8 of the original quest. It brought in lots of the popular characters in their fancy clothes. It features mini-games like bingo, poker, and slots. 

Playing casino mini-games could win you chips. You can trade them for fantastic prizes, including soul berries, anima, and elixir. Fancy skins are valuable prizes as well. They can come in the form of bunny costumes, dresses, or suits. The revolver, also known as Jewel Modele, is the best prize in the Jewel Resort Casino. 

  1. The Tops Casino-Fallout New Vegas

Obsidian Entertainment developed Fallout New Vegas as a spinoff from Bethesda’s Fallout series. The setting is in the future Vegas Strip, and the general vibe is post-apocalyptic. 

It is filled with sand and barren soil for as far as you can see. At this point, Vegas Strip is known as the Mojave Wasteland. The plateaus and Deathclaws set the foundation for little settlements. 

The tower at the Tops Casino is the only structure within sight. The most interesting part of it all is that the journey takes you through hell. You get to see people suffering because of the ongoing war. However, at the Tops, you will access food, shelter, and some entertainment. 

The Tops is a fantastic precursor to your ultimate destination-Fallout New Vegas. You get to a point of no return as soon as you open doors to the strip. This is the point at which you determine the fate of the Wasteland and its inhabitants. Your choice will depend on the factions you side with. You can stay at the casino for as long as you want before that. 

Take the opportunity to play roulette, slots, and other casino games. At the casino booth, you can convert your money into any currency in the world. It feels just like visiting the best American casinos. Many of the real-life hotspots will allow you to bring in different currencies. 

  1. Casino Night Zone-Sonic the Hedgehog 2

This is another one of SEGA’s platformer games. The franchise has lots of casino-themed levels because it is a popular aesthetic. However, the Casino Night Zone is one of the ones that truly stand out. 

It is all about slots and music, so the mood is just right. Rushing to the finish line feels great. Unlike in other levels, all the elements in this zone don’t break Sonic’s momentum. 

You can run and repeat several routes. This is better than having to lose the rings you gathered. 

  1. Mr. King Dice’s Casino-Cuphead

This action platformer is the product of Studio MDHR. The casino featured in the game is an antagonistic force. Mr. King Dice leads it. Studio MDHR reimagined all elements of this casino. Everything from the cards on the tables to the liquor looks like malicious sentient characters. 

Even though there is no actual representation of casinos, you need to stay on your toes as you can face random attacks. You simply need to adapt and survive until you can finally beat the house. 

  1. Grand Theft Auto Online Casino

Grand Theft Auto is popular even for those who don’t necessarily enjoy video games. Rockstar Games developed it, and it has been doing just as great as the rest of its productions. 

Even though it is a pretty old game, it does just as well as newer games. The introduction of GTA Online brought even more attention to the franchise. GTA Online is an online world in which you participate in missions and attempt to get rich. All the action takes place in Los Santos-an imaginary city. 

The gameplay is exactly what you would expect from GTA. You can participate in heists, mayhem, and all the chaos. For a long time, the game included a casino that players in the virtual world couldn’t access. However, things changed in 2019. The Diamond Casino & Resort first opened its doors to players then. 

You can play three card poker, blackjack, roulette, and more at the casino. You can enjoy other benefits using your VIP memberships. They include VIP lounges, limo service, and penthouse apartments. 

  1. Red Dead Redemption 1 and Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games produced this fantastic title as well. It will have you playing the role of an outlaw or cowboy in the Wild West. In Red Dead Redemption 1, you will experience the story of a former outlaw, John Marston.

 He is convinced to bring his old gang to justice. The sequel will have you playing Arthur Morgan’s role. He belongs to the gang that Marston took down in the original title. 

With Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, you get to experience the best casino games even though they are technically saloons. You can enjoy a variety of gambling games in Red Dead Redemption 1. 

They include blackjack, poker, arm wrestling, and liar’s dice. With Red Dead Redemption 2, the list is slightly smaller. Your options include poker, blackjack, five finger fillet, and dominos. 

  1. The Sims 3

This is a fantastic life simulator that will get you to create your own virtual person (sim). Your goal is to help them succeed in life. If you love video games that offer more than a little adventure or fantasy, The Sims 3 is ideal. It has sold millions of copies since it was first launched in 2000. 

You can buy add-ons via the game’s store, and the Lucky Simoleon Casino is one of the best ones. The casino will boost your gambling experience. You can play Dead Man’s Hand Poker Table, Hit ‘em Harder Blackjack Table, The Triple Riches Slots O’ Jackpots slot machine, and Let It Ride Roulette table. While you won’t play the games, your sim will have lots of fun. 

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