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The undisputed kings of FMV are back as Wales Interactive deliver the lockdown-created Night Book to Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS. 

Over the course of the last few years, if it’s an full motion video game you have been after, chances are it would have been created by those at Wales Interactive. Now though the teams behind Maid of Sker, The Complex, Five Dates and more have released the occult horrors of Night Book to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS. 

Created during lockdown, as the actors involved utilised home filming techniques to deliver the atmosphere, Night Book tells the tale of an online interpreter who has, accidentally, summoned a demon into her house. The thing is, she’s pregnant, has an ill father to attend to and is left home alone as he husband is off globetrotting. As the one to bring the demon into the home, it’s up to her – Loralyn – to dispose of it again. The question is, who will be sacrificed to save the many?…

Night Book hits console, PC and mobile with one story that can end in multiple ways. With full-motion video at the fore of the action, this interactive movie is one that will thoroughly appeal to fans of the genre. If you’re not one of those – well, you may well struggle. You’ll want to give our review of Night Book a read no matter what your preference though. 

If you are sold, get over to the digital store of your choosing. It’s priced at £9.99 from the Xbox Store. You’ll also find it on PlayStation, Switch, PC and iOS. 

Game Description:

Night Book is an interactive thriller about an online interpreter who is tricked into reading an ancient book that summons a demon into her home. Loralyn works the night shift remotely from her home, live interpreting video calls from English to French and back again. Currently pregnant, with a husband working far away and caring for her mentally ill father, she is desperately trying to keep her family together and safe – but who is she prepared to sacrifice to survive? The fiancé, the baby, her father or herself?

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