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The Ongoing Evolution Of The Call Of Duty Franchise


As FPS games have continuously grown in popularity over the years, there have been a number of favoured games such as Battlefield and Halo, but nothing quite comes close to the popularity of the Call of Duty franchise. With high-quality first person shooter games from the franchise including Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, World at War, and Black Ops, the range of games have achieved many senses of achievement for their Call of Duty fans. 

One of the most popular games that came from the franchise is the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This was a particular game changer in the gaming industry as it stepped up the quality of online multiplayer functionality in FPS games. Since the creation of the iconic game, the Call of Duty franchise has consistently evolved, expanding its fanbase at every turn with innovations such as Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Zombies. Let’s take a deeper look at the ongoing evolution of Call of Duty games below.

The history of the franchise: development of games and modes

Right from their launch in October 2003, Call of Duty have been constantly upgrading and improving their games for their users’ pleasure. From games set in WWII with its square-based approach to gameplay, to launching games for Xbox such as the first 2005 Call of Duty 2 that were built on the concepts set out in the original game. The development of these games has proven itself in the quality of them today. 

Call of Duty 3 was released in 2006, the first CoD title to be developed by Treyarch. Although these games excelled in solo play, the disadvantage of the lack in multiplayer functionality only meant one job for the creators of the game. Call of Duty 4 changed all of this, released in 2007 with its trailblazing approach to online multiplayer gameplay, this game was a change in gaming history. 

As Xbox gamers loved the FPS game so much, the Call of Duty franchise has ever since been routinely graced with new Modern Warfare instalments, including Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare Remastered, and many others to fulfil their fans’ gaming fix.

The many titles are notable for the inclusion of new and exciting technology, such as the incredibly successful zombies mini-games, and continue to develop to satisfy their true gamer fans. These fans are constantly unlocking new challenges and looking for ways to beat their enemies. While games like CoD: Warzone and other CoD titles are no easy task to win sometimes, there are many top gaming tips that many gamers can use to help them achieve their victory.

The top 3 Call of Duty FPS games ever released

As a first person shooter franchise, Call of Duty is now unmatched, with a selection of games to choose from, here are just 3 of gamers top rated games from the franchise: 

  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

As one of the most iconic FPS video games in history, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare proves to be one of the most popular games for Call of Duty fans and gamers. The game is set in a modern setting with high 

quality realistic settings for an experience like no other game. With three modes of play including multiplayer mode, special ops mode, and single player, the game is action packed with an astonishing cinematic design. 

The game was launched with 39 weapons in total, including 29 primary guns and 10 secondary weapons. CodD4 Central highlights a range of the best weapons used in the game, including a Kilo 141, AK-47, M13 and many more to help your road to victory. 

  •  Call of Duty: World at War

As the first game in the Black Ops timeline, World At War based on Makin Island is another top hit for Call of Duty fans. With multiplayer gaming, the game includes two different campaigns – Cooperative Campaign and Competitive Co-op. These two campaigns allow extra support for team players during the game and create an added security to completing all objectives. As players increase in levels throughout the game, new weapons, additional grenades and perks are unlocked. Weapons such as bolt action rifles, submachine guns, rocket launchers and primary grenades are available in the game to win over your enemies.

When using a certain class of weapon in the multiplayer game, you are provided with an appropriate Call of Duty skin to match the class of weapon. A different piece of clothing or equipment is paired depending on the weapon used. For example, when using weapons like the bolt action rifle, a ghillie suit is equipped for the player’s protection. 

Similarly to Call of Duty, when playing real airsoft games and using replica weapons, using specialist protection clothing and equipment is vital in order to stay safe. From vests and rigs to bags and extra protection, there are a range of combat clothing to protect you for your airsoft experience. Many brands such as Tactical Clothing offer a range of specialist combat clothing to equip you with all the safety gear you need for airsoft games in real life.

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The direct sequel to Call of Duty  4: Modern Warfare, and the sixth main game in the franchise, is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a continuation of the same storyline and gameplay, with even better quality and real-life effects. The campaign in the game is a single-player mode with eighteen levels. With each level containing a series of objectives, players can switch characters between the levels and respawn at any given point to beat their enemies. 

The game also includes a range of the most superior weapons, including assault rifles, light machine guns, and even special grenades like the ‘flashbang’ and the ‘M18 smoke grenade’. This action packed game is just one of many that entices gamers and Call of Duty fans for their gaming fix, and ensures players with the most satisfactory experience of victory and achievements. 

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