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The Roots of Dread take hold in Dead by Daylight

dead by daylight roots of dread

Staying fresh and constantly ahead of the game has allowed Dead by Daylight to continue bringing in the players some years after first release. We’ve had all manner of brilliant expansions take place in-game, with the latest and newest Chapter now beginning to take hold – Roots of Dread. 

Available today for Dead by Daylight players to work their way through, Roots of Dread is the latest Chapter for the game, one in which fear knows no end. It brings forth a new Killer, a Survivor and a new map – the delightfully named Garden of Joy. We’re guessing it’s going to be far from that. 

Sold as a disturbing Map in which players will get the chance to take in the scenic paradise of a quaint American town, it’s only when the big secrets begin to unfold will this really start to fit with the Dead by Daylight vibe. A classic family home is the centrepiece, as we get the chance to visit a ghostly symbol of domestic horror. 

We’ll do so with the new Killer – The Dredge. Nothing less than an utter manifestation of darkness itself, The Dredge utilising a ‘monster under the bed’ approach to killings, making the most of a special power which will see it given the ability to teleport between Lockers, catching the unsuspecting Survivors when they least expect it. 

Will The Dredge have enough to find a place in and amongst the best Killers in Dead by Daylight? We will see.

There’s a new Survivor in town too with the Roots of Dread Chapter, as the bold, brave and badass Haddie Kaur steps up. Born in India before being raised in Quebec, Haddie lost her parents long ago, just prior to her going deep into the paranormal. It’s here where her courage and determination comes to the fore, happily fighting off multiple monsters. You may recognize her from her appearances in the Archives, but can now take the reins of her destiny as a Survivor.

You’ll need a copy of Dead by Daylight to hand in order to take in what the Roots of Dread allows. You’ll find the base game and the latest Chapter expansion available on the usual formats – Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can download the base game from the Xbox Store, via Game Pass if you like.

Let us know if you dip your toe back in. 

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