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Following the release of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on Xbox back in 2017, fans of the web series have been clamouring for a new addition to the gaming side of things. Wish no longer, RWBY fans, as RWBY: Arrowfell has fallen into your laps!

Releasing on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, Arrowfell will have you joining the four members of Team RWBY – that’s Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna and Weiss Schnee, for the uninitiated – in bright and colourful 2D action-adventure platforming. With the original voice actors reprising their roles, and this being an in-canon story within RWBY Volume 7, this is a must-play for those looking for more lore in the RWBY universe.

From a gameplay sense, you’ll be switching between each of the four heroes, with unique abilities that can be upgraded using Skill Points, in order to traverse caverns, cities and complexes to battle the Creatures of Grimm. Such beasts are massive, towering enemies, making each battle against bosses adrenaline-pumping affairs, with little room for error. 

Further features coming to RWBY: Arrowfell include:

  • • Play as all four members of Team RWBY — Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang — each with their own weapons and abilities! Switch between them at any time!
  • • Use each character’s Semblances to get an edge in combat and solve puzzles!
  • • Featuring the talents of RWBY’s original vocal cast, plus a new theme song by Jeff Williams with vocals by Casey Lee Williams!
  • • An all-new canonical story set during RWBY Volume 7 from RWBY writers Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna, and Eddy Rivas!
  • • Explore a variety of nonlinear environments in Atlas, Mantle, and the surrounding areas!
  • • Interact with familiar characters such as Penny, Winter, General Ironwood, and the Ace Operatives, as well as new faces such as Team BRIR!
  • • Collect Skill Points to power up Team RWBY’s stats!

Eventually, the hope is that with the power of Team RWBY, throughout their time with characters such as Penny, General Ironwood, Winter, and the new Huntress group known as Team BRIR, you’ll be able to rid Atlas, Mantle and the surrounding regions of the Creatures of Grimm, and well and truly save the day.

So, if this sounds like a challenge for you, then make sure to pick up a copy of RWBY: Arrowfell on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5/4, Switch or PC today. On the Xbox side of things, your best bet might just be the Xbox Store, with the game available for £24.99.

Game Description:

Dive into an explosive new RWBY action-adventure! Instantly switch between all four members of Team RWBY — Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long — and use their signature weapons and Semblances to battle the Creatures of Grimm and other foes in this in-canon story set during RWBY Volume 7. Featuring voiceovers from RWBY’s original cast, all-new cutscenes from the team behind the show, and a brand-new theme song by Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams, RWBY: Arrowfell lets you explore Atlas and the surrounding areas to solve environmental puzzles, slay massive bosses, power up with Skill Points, and interact with characters such as Penny, Winter, and General Ironwood, as well as the enigmatic new team of Huntresses, Team BRIR! Only Team RWBY can protect Remnant from a mysterious new threat in RWBY: Arrowfell!

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