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The developers behind fantasy MMORPG Black Desert, Pearl Abyss, have delivered a new free update for players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. So let’s head off to the region of Margoria and see what’s included.

This Great Ocean of Margoria update brings a fresh new region for Black Desert players to explore. The region of Margoria, which can be found north-west of the mainland, is a beautiful ocean filled with a host of new treasures and life that doubles the size of the world. However, the secrets hidden just beneath the water’s surface will surely have even the fiercest adventurers shaking in their boots.

A new harbor connects you to the Great Ocean of Margoria, serving as a starting point for seafaring adventures worldwide. The region is explorable by boat or by diving beneath the ocean’s surface in order to discover the world that lies beneath. The ocean floor is home to a variety of new resources, which you can gather to make accessories, among other things. Those who choose to manually captain their ship across the tumultuous sea will gain sailing experience and that, in turn, will help them master any sea vessel. 

The Great Ocean of Margoria also plays home to a selection of new monsters and threats, including sea monsters that, when slain, will reward ‘Adventurers’ handsomely. However, creatures of the ocean’s abyss are not the only hostiles to be encountered on the Margorian seas. Oh no, swashbucklers shouldn’t only worry about the many monstrosities that lurk in the Margorian seas, but also the boat sinking Typhoons. Legends even speak about a haunted Phantom Ship that torments these waters. Only the bravest adventurers will be keen enough to find out more about the Phantom Ship!

Here’s a list of the key features:

  • Guild-vs-guild naval combat – Guard your wealth and trade routes by defeating rival guilds in fierce ship-to-ship combat
  • Ship construction – Build your private sailing ship or work with your gui ld to build powerful galleys that are packed with firepower
  • New harbors and ocean – Establish lucrative trade routes as the trading system expands to the open seas
  • Sea monster hunting – Take down the terrifying sea monsters that live in the depths of the Margoria ocean and earn guild silver.
  • Enhanced skills – Reel in new species of fish in the Margoria ocean and gather other ingredients to improve your cooking skills
  • New quests – Meet new characters and continue on your grand adventure
  • Dynamic weather system – that affects gameplay

For more information on everything brought into Black Desert on Xbox One and PS4 via the Margoria update, we encourage a read of the official patch notes here. Will you be delving into this free update now that it’s available?

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