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For those that can pull them off, hats are pretty awesome. A fashion accessory that doubles as sun protection, they’re very versatile. They are missing the ability to act like a boomerang however; throw them and they simply won’t return. Not Jack’s hat though, his will always return to him. And he’ll need to use it too to rescue the princess. Find out how he fares in Jack ‘n’ Hat on Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The world of Ririland has been plunged into civil war after Dr. Voo Doom kidnapped the princess. Ririland isn’t a world where Rihanna performs 24/7 unfortunately. Jack, a repairman, is somehow the only person in this entire land that can save the princess. No spies, armies or bodyguards. Just the humble repairman.

Another appropriately named doctor, this time Dr. Expo Zicion, has created a boomerang hat for Jack to use. With it he can defeat enemies, traverse this world, destroy obstacles and pretty much anything else he needs to do. It’s quite useful.

Save a princess in a 2D platforming game whilst wearing a magic hat? At first glance this could well be a new Super Mario game. We will have a review coming soon to see just how alike – or unalike – these games actually are.

If you are already sold on Jack ‘n’ Hat, it can be found on the Xbox Store now priced at £7.99. There is an introductory discount knocking the price down to £6.79 if you are quick off the draw in purchasing. Before you do that though, hit us up in the comments below and tell us your favourite hat.

Game description

The sinister Dr. Voo Doom has kidnapped the Princess of Ririland and incited a civil war! It’s up to repairman extraordinaire, Jack and his boomerang hat to save her and restore peace! Jump through 20+ huge levels, collecting Crystals, Stars and more! Can you save Ririland? Jack’n’ Hat has stunning 16-bit pixel art, beautiful music and precise controls which is likely to remind you of the greatest old school platformers. Prepare for an exhilarating platformer adventure across the world of Ririland! The evil Dr. Voo Doom has abducted Princess Riri, instigating a civil war that has plunged the Kingdom into chaos! Is there anyone strong enough to save the distraught royal? Jack, the famous “”jack-of-all-trades”” repairman is ready to bring peace to the land. Armed with the latest invention of the brilliant Dr. Expo Zicion, a hat that can be thrown like a boomerang, Jack has to travel the planet searching for Energy Crystals, the only power source that will allow him to travel to the moon and put an end to Dr. Voo Doom’s plans for world domination! Help Jack jump and slide his way through deserts, jungles, volcanoes and battle devious enemies and dangerous bosses! Can you save Ririland?

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