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Best Month Ever! Release Date Revealed

Best Month Ever Demo Xbox
Best Month Ever Demo Xbox

It’s a bold statement declaring the ‘best month ever’ but it’s a harder challenge to actually deliver on that promise. Can the teams at Klabater and Warsaw Film School deliver on this with their latest title, Best Month Ever!? Well, we won’t need to wait long as the release date has been announced, and it’s sooner than you think.

To celebrate this, we also have a new trailer too:

Things are slightly more melancholic than the title would suggest. Set in America in the late 60’s, Louise, a single mother has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Her young son Mitch will be homeless if she doesn’t do something quick. With time ticking away, they set off on a road trip to introduce her son to the wider world.

In this narrative adventure, decisions you make as Louise will affect Mitch. This can be kept track of in his Righteousness, Confidence and Relations stats, which will change dynamically based on your actions. Best Month Ever! features nine different endings for you to see how Mitch grows and how he turns out into a young man.

In Best Month Ever! We explore the significant themes of transience and responsibility. Each decision impacts what Mitch will be like in the future, and it’s up to us to decide who he will become at the end of the crucial journey with Louis. Therefore, we focused on the depth of the story we are conveying, which has many turning points, as we prepared as many as 9 different endings of the game” says Michał Gembicki, CMO of Klabater.

To celebrate this announcement, a demo has been released alongside a new trailer that goes into a bit more detail about the story. With an art style not too dissimilar to Disco Elysium and a story just as mature, Best Month Ever! isn’t for the weak. Tough decisions will be around every corner and with Louise suffering from a terminal illness, you know how the game is going to end…

The Best Month Ever! demo can be downloaded now from the Xbox Store. The release date isn’t that far away, coming on 5th May. Stay tuned for our full review and thoughts on this impactful game nearer the time. For now though, let us know in the comments below if you will be giving this demo a try.

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