Tinykin Dev Diary 2 Xbox

Tinykin is already shaping up to be one of the most interesting games of 2022, and there has just been a new developer diary released. This time around they are showing off a bit more of the world, and some of the characters we will be meeting.

Intrepid interstellar explorer Milo has landed on a strange planet. Not only that, but he has also underestimated his size in this new world. Measuring just over an inch tall, the world he has landed on has insects that are much taller than he is.

Some of these insects have decided to set up a church within a cardboard box, as you do. As well as the ants, that are very much still the workhorses of the insect world, there are the enigmatic dragonflies; the self-appointed leaders of this new religion.

This cardboard box can be found in the living room of this alien world that may or may not be someone’s house on Earth. Each room has its own unique community and townspeople to talk to. Some of these will give Milo quests to complete or direct him to the piece of machinery he needs to get home. The example given in the developer diary involves setting up a festival for some dung beetles in the bathroom. Milo will utilise the help of the titular Tinykins – spherical alien type beings even smaller than he is – to undertake this multi-stage mission. Restore the festival and Milo will earn a key component needed to help him get home.

The Tinykin can be instructed to do as Milo wishes. Heavily inspired by Pikmin and Paper Mario, there are different Tinykins for different jobs: Some will be required to do the heavy lifting that Milo can’t manage, whilst others can climb on top of each other to create a ladder.

Which will all come in handy, as the world of Tinykin is shaping up to be an epic adventure on a very small scale. Milo will be able to glide across large gaps using bubbles and also surf around on a bar of soap. Tinykin has a large emphasis on exploration, so the more tools Milo has to traverse the better. These rooms may not be huge to us humans, but to one-inch-tall Milo, they are grand worlds to explore.

Tinykin is due to release in Summer 2022 on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. After seeing this latest developer diary, it has instantly become one of my most anticipated titles this year, transporting me back to early morning cartoons and exploring Andy’s house from Buzz Lightyears perspective in Toy Story 2 on the PlayStation. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Wishlist Tinykin on Steam here.

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