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TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 149: In the game with EA SPORTS PGA TOUR

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2023 is well underway and the gaming news is starting to ramp up. Episode 149 of TheXboxHub Official Podcast covers all the good bits – and some of the not-so-good bits – to have come out of the gaming sphere over the last few days. The Last of Us is obviously front and centre, but the team are also in the game with EA SPORTS PGA TOUR.

Join Gareth, Darren, James and Neil as some of TheXboxHub’s team come together to chat over the latest gaming news. With Netflix having pushed out the first episode of The Last Of Us, there’s obviously some chatter over that (yeah, we aren’t JUST Xbox gamers you know!), whilst further thoughts move towards over TV shows – Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Treason and SAFE.

Gaming-wise and the big news for us is the confirmation of a March release date for EA SPORTS PGA TOUR, more so as EA were kind enough to invite us to a presentation of the game. To say we were impressed would be an understatement – this could well be the finest golf game ever, with some seriously brilliant visuals and ideas powering it along.

There is also time spent talking over how Ubisoft and Microsoft are going in the global markets, all whilst finding space in the hour or so of recording to cover some of the latest games that we’ve been playing. Need For Speed Unbound is in house, as is the always brilliant Vampire Survivors, the not great Ship Graveyard Simulator, the utterly rubbish Accident (yes, as gruesome as it sounds), the better One Piece Odyssey and the yet-to-be-decided, Fueled Up.

It’s a jam-packed episode of TheXboxHub Official Podcast and we’d love for you to be listening. Once you have done, feel free to ping us any messages – the comments are below and we’re on the usual social channels.

As always, full show notes are available over at https://www.thexboxhub.com/podcast

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