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One of the biggest surprises in 2019 was undoubtedly Remnant: From the Ashes. Its mixture of Soulslike mechanics and The Division-esque shooting was a fantastic match. In co-op this game shone as one of the best examples of the genre, outside of From Software. Two DLCs arrived in the form of Swamps of Corsus and Subject 2923 to give players plenty more to do. There was even a lesser-known prequel Chronos: Before the Ashes that had an interesting aging mechanic each time you died.

Now though, the Ashes have been dropped. Remnant is back – sans subtitle – and is simply known as Remnant 2. All that hardcore action-RPG/shooter goodness remains, along with a whole load of terrifying looking new bosses to best. Take a look at the announcement trailer below:

“We are excited to delve back into the world of Remnant with the team at Gearbox Publishing,” said David Adams of Gunfire Games. “There are so many interesting stories to tell, vicious enemies to vanquish, exciting loot to grab, Archetypes to experiment with, and heart-pumping action for players to experience with their friends. We can’t wait for everyone to play it next year.”

“It is awesome to once again partner with Gunfire Games on this highly anticipated sequel,” said Yoon Im, president of Gearbox Publishing San Francisco. “The studio’s passion for the Remnant franchise and their expertise at crafting compelling worlds along with engaging combat scenarios shines through in Remnant II. The game will be challenging and punishing, but most importantly, so much fun!”

Remnant II will feature the same procedural generation but on a whole host of new worlds to explore. There will be plenty of loot to gather, but let’s hope the drop rate improves on things like Ace’s coin. If you know, you know. I’m still waiting for that bit of loot.

Remnant 2 will have an updated Archetype system for the sequel, that aims to make better use of those playing in groups. Passive abilities and stunning powers should sync up better when playing with friends or in matchmaking, to really make you feel part of a team.

We don’t have a concrete release date, but Remnant 2 will be launching in 2023 on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC. But we do have an Xbox Store page live for Remnant 2 where you can see some of the horrors coming your way soon.

Excited for this one? Let us know in the comments if you will be looking forward to this one.

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