We may have an abundance of racers on Xbox One, but there aren’t many that allow you the pleasure of throwing your cars sideways, whilst filling the air with the scent of burning rubber. If that sounds like the kind of action you’ve been looking for then Drift Zone will be the place to get it.

In this world of drifting, players can put the wheels of some of the finest 500 bhp machines to work in style unlike any other. With multiple competitions that see you compete for high cash prizes and the valuable reputation points, you’ll need to climb up the career ladder to become the best drifter out there.

There are plenty of new cars to buy, upgrades to install, customisation options to play with and tyres to burn, as well as some diverse tracks to let rip on. In fact, there is no better way to showcase the Japanese art and if you can master the basics, there are several additional tasks just waiting to test your true skills.

Drift Zone is available to buy and download now on Xbox One and PC for the price of £10.39 from the Microsoft Store

Will you be taking to the track to prove yourself? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Game Description:

Welcome to the world of drifting! The smell of burned rubber, the roar of 500 bhp engines and the style you have never seen before. Take part in two types of competition and win high cash prizes and reputation points needed to climb up the career ladder. Buy new cars, upgrade them and drive the wheels off them in diverse tracks. And when you already get it all, take part in a series of additional tasks.

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