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It’s been a while since we heard from the Tools Up! gang, but now they are teaming up once more to tackle their biggest job yet – the garden!

Tools Up! released in December 2019 and immediately allowed players to have fun with hard work. You see, Tools Up! thrust us into the world of the reno team, tasking us to paint walls, strip wallpaper and follow the most intense of blueprint. With party game vibes that obviously tried to replicate the Overcooked! series, there was a chance it could fully succeed. But if truth be known, we were disappointed, and whilst the experience could be fun, too much busywork, too high a barrier of entry and unresponsive controls killed it. 
Now though it’s time to give the Tools Up! team another go, as they move from the house to the garden with some new additional DLC. 

Tools Up! Garden Party is the name of the game here, as we head outside for some all-new levels – all as a wicked raccoon tries to spoil the party. Available as a solo or party game for up to 4 players, Garden Party comes in three separate episodes, each of which delivers new levels, new tools, new mechanics and new opponents. 

Episode 1: The Tree House kicks things off as you get the chance to plant trees, water flowers, cut grass and get up to whatever you fancy in the garden. By collecting leaves you’ll find the chance to unlock further levels and skins, all as you go up against the clock. 

You’ll find Episode 1 as part of the Tools Up! Garden Party Season Pass for £12.49 and that then will allow access to Episode 2 and Episode 3 as and when they release in Q2 and Q3 of this year. Each will bring with it 15 levels, extra tools and new things to get on with. 

It’s that Season Pass which is the best way to get involved in the Garden Party antics if you already have a copy of the base Tools Up! game in your digital library. But if you don’t, seriously consider a purchase of the Tools Up! – The Renovation Spree Bundle. Priced at £23.49 this drags in the base game and the Season Pass as one, saving you a host of cash in the process. 

You’ll find Tools Up! playable and present on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, with Xbox Series X|S and PS5 options playable through the usual Back-compat routes. Just head to the Xbox Store by using the links above, or however you see fit should you prefer to play on other formats. 

DLC Description:

Tools Up! Garden Party consists of three episodes, each with 15 unique levels and a demanding boss to beat. Each DLC episode will be available as a part of our Season Pass. Tools Up! Co. was going home from another successful renovation, when suddenly—an enormous treehouse crashed down in front them! It was falling apart before their eyes. This job was going to take some work! Gather your crew of up to 4 players and put the treehouse in order in Tools Up! Garden Party! We’re in the great outdoors now, so you’ll get to plant trees, water flowers, cut the grass, and much more. But be careful—there might be someone hiding in the bushes! Collect leaves for jobs done well to unlock new levels and skins. There may be more than one way to achieve your goals, but will you be able to beat the clock?

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