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The future development of online gaming empires


In the future, VR gaming will be commonplace, right now, it is a mere ripple in a vast ocean of water. But in time, it will be the mainstay of how humans engage with gaming. Specialist VR Pods will be found in almost every household, opening the door to more virtual action and tournaments. Players can now own virtual land online and create a virtual world around them that they can built on and lived within, all with the addition of using cryptocurrency. When it comes to the gaming element, it will be more immersive and more bespoke, with players being able to buy armoury, weapons, clothes, and powers with their crypto tokens.

This sounds all very sci-fi, but if you thought the concept of the movie Ready Player One was just the fantasy of a gamer, then think again because this is the very concept we are heading towards. Sure, this may not happen for another 200 years, but the foundations are slowly being sewn into the fabric of society and within our games.

We look at the possibilities of where gaming will head and leading the change, as always, is online casino games.

Why casino games lead the market

To understand why casino games do play a vital role in how gaming is shaped online, we spoke with the Editor-in-Chief at Kasynopolskaonline.com, which is the leading casino comparison site in Poland, a key marker in the video gaming industry as a country.

“Casinos have always been an influential magnet in gaming because the industry is one built on finances not the actual gaming. This is of huge importance. Online casinos were the very first businesses to incorporate cryptocurrencies, years ahead of anyone else. The drive, be it cynical, is money, and money is the root of all business and power. What we are seeing now, especially here in Poland because we have such a strong game base with the likes of CD Projekt Red making world-leading video games, is the inclusion of casino-related gaming within the online video games for console players. It may not seem much now, because it’s just an inclusion of a feature, one of many, but its happening in many of the biggest console games online like Rainbow Six and Fallout New Vegas.”

You can experience the modern online options for free with this link to https://www.kasynopolskaonline.com/gry-kasynowe/. This presents you with casino games that you can play for free like online slots, table games of roulette and craps, card games like baccarat, blackjack, and poker. You can play scratch card games, bingo and experience a host of games with no  

risk, no download, and they can all be played from any mobile.

It is your own little Vegas in your pocket.

Latest casino drop in gaming

One of the more recent examples of the casino influence can be found inside the latest DLC expansion pack for Cyberpunk 2077 which will present players with… yes, you guessed it, a casino feature. Inside, besides shooting the place up, there features poker games, slot machines, blackjack tables, and many other ‘illegal’ activities.

Now, of all the updates, why a casino? The real drive does seem to steer towards creating new narrative arcs given that gambling is seen to be run by crooks and this, in turn, can lead to new characters and bad guys.

Casinos may be the best concept of all, but it is becoming ever present in games, even with dice games in The Witcher, and within the Red Dead Redemption game, there are elements of gambling that takes place, oddly games produced by Polish developers once again.

Why play casino games?

Playing real or demo casino games is fun. You can win big or win small and you get the best jackpot payouts of any game on the planet. Bets are all about the risk, this adds to the excitement levels and this is what makes gambling appealing.

Accessing casino games is now easier than ever, a simple mobile app and you are in. You can find all the popular games along with classic features that also present live dealer tables, so you can play in real-time on high-stake tables against other players within your casino unless you are in a tournament setting, which means playing other players from all over the world.

Winning cash is a huge drive for players, a simple spin and win games like slots with jackpots that payout millions make gambling seem like riches can be won very easily and quickly, the odds, in fact, paint a different picture. This is not the concern of the player. In their eyes, it is all entertainment, and the goal is to outdo their friend and competitors, and this is where the future of gaming will change how we all play going forward. Prizes in gaming used to be a congratulations screen, now it is all about cash prizes.

If you look at the recent trend of crypto coins and tokens and their affiliation with gaming blockchains, you can see where this is all exactly leading to.

Poland will remain at the forefront

In Europe, Poland is the largest gaming distributor as they have over 30 gaming companies. These include Orbital Knight, 11-Bit Studios, Infinite Dreams, The Farm 51, Vivid Games and CD Projekt Red. They are all producing work on an unimaginable scale only behind China, Japan, and the USA. This is some accomplishment, but this is just the scale of production, when looking at the collective of games, Poland comes out on top for those that appear in the top 10 releases.

For gaming to evolve, which it will, it is easy to point out how the merging of video gaming with casino gameplay will be led by Polish developers because they have already done it before. If successful, it will be an unstoppable machine of gaming and reward.

Now, there is only one glitch to all this planning and that is the laws within Poland. Gambling is illegal unless played within state-owned establishments where you can bet on lottery and sporting fixtures only. Online the world of virtual gambling within gaming consoles will have to remain gameplay for the time being, but laws change fast when big businesses can make substantial amounts of money and parties and influence change with time, but this is just Poland, there are plenty of other markets that would allow this future of gaming to thrive, all over the world and we cannot wait for it to happen.

TXH loves nothing more than kicking back at the end of the day, controller in hand, shooting the hell out of strangers via Xbox Live.

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