Not so many years ago, casino games were the sole province of casinos. Of course long before the internet became as widespread and available as it is today, the type of casinos we are talking about were conventional brick and mortar establishments in the real world.

With the growing popularity of the internet it was only a matter of time before online casinos appeared; in fact, the first one burst on to the scene in terms of a real money online casino, was InterCasino back in 1996. It still exists today.

With the advent of the mobile and the recent launching of specialised Apps for iPhones and Smartphones, mobile gambling has also come of age. But when you talk about online gaming, (not necessarily gambling, but straight adventure type gaming) the biggest phenomenon is of course Xbox. Did you know though, that you can also get casino games for Xbox too?

Xbox firmly established in virtual/online casino arena

It makes sense. After all the quality of graphics that the Xbox station platform provides, making its games frighteningly realistic, is beyond compare. So, if you take this lifelike reality and apply it to the online casino, as you can imagine, the end result is something special. It’s no wonder then that Xbox is now firmly established in the virtual and online casino arenas.

So, what casino games are offered by this platform? To give you an idea, here is a short resume of the most popular.

Prominence Poker by 505 Games

Prominence Poker is among the top poker games available on Xbox. In this game, you are able to create your own Avatars and can use them to play on your behalf. The stunning 3D graphics give the game a real life-like feel. In the opening stages you can only use one player/avatar, but within a very short timeframe, you can select as many players/avatars as you have created and use them to play against other players from anywhere on the planet.

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In many casino games, the player controlled by the system is not too intelligent and is often beaten by fairly basic tricks. In Prominence Poker, however, this player is seemingly cleverer, making him/her more difficult to predict, which makes for a tougher opponent.

Four Kings Casino and slots

The environment of Four Kings Casino and Slots is intoxicatingly real. This game also offers players the opportunity to create their own avatars. Once inside, you are able to partake in a wide variety of casino games, all under the same roof.

The sound quality is a rather hit and miss, to be fair. In some situations, it is entirely absent while in others it is sufficiently detailed allowing you to detect the difference between someone walking on a tiled floor as opposed to a carpeted one.

Although the graphics in Hold‘em Poker in this game-set are quite amazing, one thing they lack is the ability to see how others players are playing. This makes it that much more difficult to gauge your opponents’ confidence.

Test Drive Unlimited 2

In this game (which presents you with the opportunity to play many different casino games from Blackjack and Roulette to slots and many others) you can use avatars.

Players in these games can win trophies which are set out by the game’s parameters. Up to seven bronze and three silver trophies are on offer. These make for a novel way of determining your performance as you play.

Full House Poker

This is, without doubt, one of the best casino card games around for Xbox devotees. You can not only create avatars, but you can customise them too, giving you that personal look and feel.

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With Full House Poker, you can try your skill against any players with internet access. You can gauge your success not only by the amount of chips you accumulate, but also by the experience level you are awarded.

Baccarat for Xbox

Although the graphics and soundtrack for this classic casino game are not much more than average, the game-play itself more than compensates. With a low house edge and cheap stakes, you can have a boatload of fun for little outlay.

The ability to create avatars provides players with an additional element of fun that is not yet available in many online casinos. So from this viewpoint, playing casino games your Xbox gives another dimension.

However, the latest developments in online gaming via casinos like the award winning MrGreen, probably gives them the edge. The developments cover 3D interactive technology, with the ability to create avatars and interact with the environment, the dealers, and the players around you. Then, of course, there is the fact that there is a far greater range of games and sports to gamble on too.


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