Deep Silver and developers Nine Dots, alongside Maximum Games, have revealed the release date for when Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers can get their hands on the hardcore, fantasy adventure RPG, Outward. There’s a new gameplay trailer too, which focuses on the challenge of survival up against magic and monsters.

Outward is set to be a totally fresh kind of RPG, with players thrown into the role of a true inhabitant in a sprawling world; one that requires biological maintenance and self-preservation against a rather harsh environment. There’s a real emphasis on immersion and deep simulation, especially in regards the representation of magic and the need to perform an intricate web of rituals to evoke supernatural powers. The toughness of the experience may be alleviated a little by the feature that allows two-player local split-screen and online multiplayer, ensuring there’s always an ally by your side.

Today’s brand new gameplay trailer showcases the rich fantasy world of Outward and the various obstacles that you will have to face along the way in this mystical environment. As a regular human being, your destiny is in your own hands against a variety of dangers, in the form of both the magical and mundane. Exposure to the elements is just as likely to lead to death as coming face to face with the monsters roaming about. To survive, you must grow and master the game’s complex weapons, traps, and magic, whilst living with the consequences of the choices made in the process.

Outward, the fantasy RPG from Nine Dots, has a release date of 26th March, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Don’t forget to have a gander at the latest trailer below…

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