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Think you’ve got a decent imagination? It’s time to prove it as Trailmakers rolls out to Xbox One, with a launch in the Game Preview scheme.

Coming direct from the team of Press Play veterans at Flashbulb Games, Trailmakers is a racing game with a difference – in that you build you own vehicles, LEGO-styleeee, before racing them.

As you may expect to hear, the whole building process is a huge part of Trailmakers, and it is this which Flashbulb have really focused on, creating an easy-to-use interface which is a breeze to use. This will therefore allow you to live out your LEGO Technic fantasies, snapping parts together in order to create your dream machines – or some Transformer looky-likes!

Each and every part has its own physical rules though, including shape and weight, so whilst the limitations are endless, perhaps every option you try will not quite work out as successfully as you would have hoped. But hey, if you have ever wanted to create cannon-powered rocket ship, you can now go for it!

With the launch of Trailmakers seeing the game embrace the Xbox Game Preview scheme, you can expect to see the whole experience move on from what is initially there, as Flashbulb get to flesh out and build on what is in front of them. The newest addition that is already hitting home though is that of the Rally game mode. Here, players are taken on a journey through tougher and tougher race tracks, each requiring vehicle modifications to accommodate the course’s unique obstacles. To get to the top of the leaderboards – something which you WILL want to do – you will need to master two things: Building a racing vehicle that is faster than all your competitors, AND to learn how to drive it perfectly through the race course.

If you wish to think of yourself as a true Trailmaker, then being able to outsmart the competition with superior design, engineering, and racing skills is a must.

Thankfully those skills will come to the fore throughout the Sandbox Mode as you are empowered to build to your heart’s desire. This is where Trailmakers will no doubt really come to life, as you utilise an abundance of vehicle parts and create machines that will truly shine. With no limits on what is available, it’ll just be your own imagination which halts progress. With the land, sea, and sky all viable testing grounds, turning impossible ideas into exciting experiments is par for the Trailmakers course.

Trailmakers hits Xbox One today and is not just available in the English language but arrives to happily provide the goods to those preferring French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, and Polish. It’ll set you back $19.99 / €19.99 / £14.99.

Edit: The UK price is running at £16.74.

We’ll be sure to drop you some initial thoughts on how Trailmakers plays out in the coming days, with a full review saved for the time when Flashbulb Games sees fit to move out of Preview and into full launch. Chances are it’ll be a hugely appealing project though.


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