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Find yourself lacking in the way of spatial, logical, thinking? Active Neurons is here to fix that.

Available right now on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch, Active Neurons has been ported to console thanks to the team at SometimesYou, taking what has been developed by the one man indie developer, Nikolai Usachev, to a whole new audience.

Priced at just £4.19 – with a launch discount dropping that down even lower – Active Neurons looks to train your brain in the way of logical thinking. You see, having a healthy brain is key to success here and by controlling the power of thought you’ll be found activating neurons. Working with these will see success come about.

Working as a puzzler, Active Neurons will see you choosing movement directions; find the correct paths and those all-important neurons will be charged.  No less than 120 logical tasks await you with Active Neurons and these themselves include more than 15 types of gameplay mechanics, really letting you get a grip on things. Throw in support for colour blindness with a special mode, and some rather delicate, highly meditative audio, and Active Neurons looks set to provide an atmospheric affair. 

Our full review of Active Neurons on Xbox One will be coming your way soon so keep an eye out for it. Chances are though that super low price point makes this a bit of a tempting proposition – paying a visit to your favoured digital store should therefore be your next course of action. Whether that be the Xbox Store for Xbox One, the PlayStation Store for those on PS4 and Vita, or Nintendo’s very own eShop matters little. Just get your purchases in.

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Game Description:

Active Neurons is a game that trains the player in spatial logical thinking. By controlling the power of thought, you must charge the neurons. The more the neurons are charged, the healthier the brain becomes. The healthier the brain becomes, the more of a fully-fledged life the person will live. It may seem simple, but it won’t be as simple as it seems. To choose the direction of movement, the power of thought should be at rest, so it is important for you to correctly use the obstacles presented on every level. Think, make a decision, and look for the right path to the neurons in order to charge them. Our brain works much like a computer without the chips. Neurons are the primary components of the nervous system. They send and receive information in the form of electrical signals from the sensory organs, facilitating communication with the brain. Do not forget to charge your brain! This is exactly what you need to do in the game, while simultaneously charging the neurons in real life!


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