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Epic RPG, The Technomancer will send you on a journey across the red planet – today Spiders have dropped a new trailer for the world to see.

The distinctive sci-fi world of The Technomancer will be yours to explore come the summer of 2016 as you set foot on a dystopian Mars, hundreds of years after humans first colonised the planet. Today’s ‘Life and Death on Mars’ trailer shows off the unique environments and dangers that will be present. Pursued by a corrupt police force, you must journey across these deadly environments and beyond, chasing a secret that could alter Mars and its inhabitants forever.

The Technomancer takes place after a cataclysmic event that decimated the population and isolated the red planet from Earth. The pioneering optimism of the early colonies has long since vanished. In its place lies no man’s lands, sprawling shanty towns, and broken cities governed by shadowy officials. The fractured settlements offer protection from the lethal radiations of the Sun, but they’re far from safe havens: desperate criminals and terrifying, mutated creatures lie in wait for the unprepared.

Your Mars bound adventure will take place this summer on Xbox One, PS4 and the good old PC.

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