Attack of the Earthlings

Wales Interactive have announced that they’ve partnered up with Team Junkfish to release the alien turn-based strategy game, Attack of the Earthlings, on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in March. So get ready to consume, control and eradicate those in your way to succeed at repelling the human invasion!

Attack of the Earthlings brings a mixture of turn-based combat and stealth to the table for a single player campaign that’s dark but also comedic. You’ll take control of the Swarmers, a highly aggressive insectoid species tasked with defending their home world from the threat of invading humans. Killing and consuming humans garners biomass – like a fleshy currency – which enables you to expand the alien army to help repel the Galactoil Corporation; your grunts can be transformed into more specialised units with different roles and unique abilities. All you need to do is make your way through 7 levels of the Galactoil Drill to thwart the plans set in place by the game’s two main antagonists – PA Pecker and RM Dickinham.

“Back in 2017 we attended EGX and it was the Investment Summit that brought us together with Team Junkfish. We knew the team could produce a quality game given their experience from their previous release Monstrum. A game with Scottish developers and Welsh publishers releasing on consoles worldwide because of a meeting in England, just goes to show how strong the UK indie games scene is right now.” David Banner MBE, Co-founder and Managing Director at Wales Interactive.

“We instantly fell in love with the darkly comedic theme of aliens vs humans with a twisted spin on the genre. We’re proud to have a wide variety of genres on our games label, with Attack of the Earthlings filling that strategy gap. It’s a pleasure to see our first turn-based strategy game picking up the Best Strategy Game nomination at the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2018.” Richard Pring, Co-founder and Technical Director at Wales Interactive.

You can expect Team Junkfish’s Attack of the Earthlings to land on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 5th March. Will you be getting involved to try and defend the alien race against those dreaded humans? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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