glitch's trip

When a little green spherical chap figures out that his home world’s life force is under threat, he decides to put a stop to it. That’s the titular Glitch and we’re off to planet Verdo for a hardcore platformer, Glitch’s Trip, that’s going to put your reflexes to the test on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

One day, Glitch was just chilling out on Verdo, but suddenly he noticed these huge energy beams pouring out of a moon. This particular moon possesses the rather exquisite Moon Juice, which is regarded as the tastiest elixir in the galaxy. What’s happening is that four big bad intergalactic bosses have begun siphoning off this Moon Juice for their own selfish gain, without a care in the world about the planet living off of it. If Glitch doesn’t act swiftly, then Verdo will be in a seriously terrible state and eventually turn into a wasteland.

In total, Glitch’s Trip features 100 handcrafted levels as you traverse all four of Verdo’s moons and attempt to defeat the four tyrants causing all of this hassle. You can expect to delve into extravagant environments that appear a bit trippy as you navigate over 40 different hazards and 16 types of enemies along the way. Fortunately, Glitch has a unique ability to get out of almost every near-death situation through becoming intangible. As such, it can be used to affect the levels in crazy ways by toggling hidden blocks, flipping gravity, or making areas weightless.

If you want to take control of the cute green hero of Glitch’s Trip and try your hand at an action-packed, twitchy platformer, then cast your eyes over to the Xbox Store. For £10.74, you’ll be able to venture into this relentless, yet charming, experience and potentially save the day. Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts regarding Glitch’s Trip!

Game Description:

Glitch was relaxing at his favorite chill spot on his home planet of Verdo, when beams of energy began pouring out from the planet’s moons. Unknown to him, four intergalactic tyrants had set up breweries to harvest one of the tastiest elixirs in the galaxy, Moon Juice. The secret ingredient, the life force of the planet! A highly addictive juice, Glitch needs to stop the production of Moon Juice before Verdo will wither away and become a wasteland. Game Features: -With 100 handcrafted levels, there is a lot to experience in this vibrant action platformer. -4 epic bosses stand in your way to save Verdo. Liberate each moon from the tyrant occupying it and unlock the story of how they were corrupted by Moon Juice many years ago. -Use Glitch’s ability to affect the environment in wild ways through toggling hidden blocks, flipping gravity, or making areas weightless. -With over 40 unique hazards and 16 killer enemies, there is a lot to encounter and avoid on your journey. -Instant respawns and fast load times make it easier to get you back into the game and improve your progress. -You can progress Glitch through our challenges at your own pace. Raise the stakes, play on our highest difficulty, and try to beat your time!

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