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You should know by now that the middle of any month signals the switch up of freebies through Xbox Games With Gold. December 2021 is no different as two more Xbox titles become available to download for free. 

December 2021 is a fairly decent month for Xbox gamers. Not only has Xbox Game Pass been filled out massively, with a host of games dropping into the service and fully playable by the millions of subscribers, but that old favourite of Games With Gold is continuing to push out even more free titles, seemingly at will. 

Those new freebies are Tropico 5 – Penultimate Edition and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet; two games that you really should be adding to your digital library rather pronto, playing them at will from there on out. 

Tropico 5 is probably the bigger game of the two, and whilst there is a successor in place – that of Tropico 6 – this one is still worthy of a play. It sees you returning to the isle of Tropico, helping El Presidente in taking charge of the land, playing through a host of challenges and mechanics in order to make this world the finest yet. 

With the Penultimate Edition of Tropico 5 you will find that not only is the base game in hand, but the additions of ‘The Big Cheese’ and ‘Hostile Takeover’ are in place. There are also no less than five extra Xbox One maps that are exclusive to the platform. 

If you’re after a new strategy hit and don’t fancy paying for it, Tropico 5 is one that you should be downloading from the Xbox Store with immediate effect. 

Alongside that is the old Xbox 360 classic, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

We remember with fondness playing through Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet back in the day and if you did too, then grabbing a free download and whipping your way through it again is pretty much a no-brainer. In fact, even if you didn’t play it previously, we’d highly advise you to play this classic right now. 

It takes you off to – as the name suggests – an Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – a weird world that is ripe for exploration. Working your way past obstacles, tracking down specific elements and playing with the mechanics at hand are all delightful enough, and when you consider this is a game that first arrived many moons ago, is pretty amazing for how it stands up. 

You’ll find Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet over at the Xbox Store. Thanks to the power of Backwards Compatibility, you’ll be able to play this on any of the Xbox consoles currently in hand – Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S. 

Of course, with new games, we must see some leave. Whilst The Escapists 2 is still free, we are waving goodbye to Orcs Must Die! – if you haven’t yet downloaded that, you’re now going to have to pay up for the download. 

As always, let us know what you think of the latest Xbox Games With Gold titles. The comments are waiting. 

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