Are you a massive Call of Duty fan? Do you wish to show that love in a way you never thought was possible? You should be buying the latest Cable Guy – that of Simon “Ghost” Riley.

Watch below as we unbox and take a first look at the latest Cable Guy on the block – Simon “Ghost” Riley. Coming in at 8 inches high, Riley is a fully licensed Call of Duty product and will happily sit and hold your Xbox One or PS4 controller as it charges. He’ll also caress your mobile phone as that charges too – you see, old Riley is a man of many talents.

With Ronald “Red” Daniels alongside him (although as it stands he is currently unavailable), they are both a great way of expressing your love for the Call of Duty franchise in the most unique of ways. They also come with a 3m charging cable with multiple connections as standard.

If you wish to get hold of Riley, then you can pick him up right now from Amazon for £19.99. Have a watch of our unboxing below if you wish to know exactly what he looks like and how well he’ll hold your controller. For even more info, hit up our article.

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  1. Never seen a controller holder before but looks pretty neat, at least until you plugged the charge cable in and then the whole idea kind of fell apart into an ugly mess LOL.


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