Noblechairs hero seat

Like any gamers, we’re big fans of quality products so when Noblechairs contacted us to see if we wanted to take a look at one of their latest products, we just couldn’t refuse. And so here we are, with an unboxing – ahead of full review – of the Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair.

The Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair is a high end chair that just oozes quality. Designed for gamers or office workers up to 150kg, the PU Synthetic Leather, the stunning design and the use of the most premium materials ensures that this product is right up there with the very best the gaming world can offer.

Join us in the video below as we take a quick unboxing of the components of the Noblechairs Hero, us we take a first look at everything within. Expect to see the brilliant black and platinum white design choices, the detail in the seat back, and the squishiness of the soft touch cushions.

We also show off the 4D armrests, the well crafted black base and casters, and the lumbar support. In fact, if it’s in the well packaged box that Noblechairs have delivered, then we show it off – including the instructions booklet.

Our full review of the Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair is fast approaching and we’ll have our thoughts up and live over the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for it if you’re in the market for a new seat to plonk yourself on, before getting involved in some of the toughest gaming sessions possible.

Should you wish to pick up the Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair on the back of the video below, then head on over to Amazon and get your cash in.

Massive thanks go out to Noblechairs for providing us with the opportunity to take a look at the Hero for unboxing and review purposes. If you like this video we’d love it if you could give our YouTube channel a little subscribe, and the video a hit of the Like button. Feel free to drop a little comment in too 🙂

And make sure you keep an eye out for a full written review of the Noblechair Hero Gaming Chair coming to these pages very soon.

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