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Everyone knows that a man’s best friend is his dog. I only need to look at the way my dad treats his dog to know that Bailey is his favourite family member. So, I am sure that every man would love to go on an adventure with their canine companion, maybe even one to discover an abandoned castle? Find out today how Jack and his dog Butch get on in 6Souls on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC.

6Souls is a retro 2D side-scroller with platforming elements, puzzle and real-time battles. After finding a discarded map, Jack and Butch head out to find Clifford Castle and the potential treasures within. The whereabouts of the Clifford family is unknown, but that doesn’t mean the castle is empty.

After being trapped in with the bridge collapsing, their only option is to help the souls of the castle whilst defeating opponents and avoiding detection. Jack is a man that can go on the offensive, whereas when you get to control Butch, these are more like stealth sections as you avoid the orcs:

  • Explore more than 80 levels across the abandoned Clifford Castle
  • 8 different locations, each with their own unique features and challenges
  • Dynamic boss fights
  • Play as both Jack and his faithful dog Butch

6Souls is available to download now from the Xbox Store priced at £7.99. While this may be slightly more than normal for a Ratalaika Games title, there is an early adopters discount, dropping the price to £6.39. Find out if our brave explorer managed to help all of the souls, as we have a review coming very soon.

Game description

Embark on an exciting journey to find the abandoned Clifford Castle and uncover its secrets! Our heroes, adventure enthusiasts Jack and his faithful dog companion Butch, go on an exciting quest to find an abandoned castle where the entire Clifford family vanished years ago. The whole castle is surrounded by mystery, from its dark dungeons to its highest towers. While discovering new rooms, our heroes will learn fascinating details about the Clifford family, meet the castle’s peculiar residents and uncover its secrets.

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