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We’re not sure we’ll ever get bored of the KEMCO team continuing to push out turn-based strategy RPGs to the Xbox and PC world. In fact, the more that come our way, the merrier. It’s with great anticipation then that Legend of Ixtona rocks up onto Xbox and Windows PC, giving players the opportunity to fight for the right, to save Ixtona. 

For years KEMCO have been filling up the digital libraries of our Xbox and PC worlds with some tasty old-school RPG action. Legend of Ixtona is no different, whisking us off to the titular kingdom as we join the life of Prince Kyle – a Prince who has seen his older brother kill their father; the king. 

From there, the usual KEMCO nonsense takes place. Explore, wander, chat, fight, throw in some fantasy madness and turn-based strategy battles, and you’ll get to ensure that the world is left in a better place than when you first rolled into town. Creating characters, playing around with class types and customising things to the nth degree is all possible here in the Legend of Ixtona. 

If you’ve never played a KEMCO game previously, then we’d advise you to watch the trailer below these words. It’ll give you a good understanding of what is required in order to fins success in the lands. Alternatively you could hold out for our full review of how Legend of Ixtona plays out on Xbox Series X|S – it’ll be coming real soon. 

To get involved for yourself, head over to the Xbox Store and take in a download. The price of £12.49 will sort you out with the base game (a base game which is fully optimised for the next gen Xbox Series X|S), whilst a few little DLC packs will help aid your quest even more – there are options for Experience x3 (£4.19), CP x3 (£2.49) and a combined Experience & CP x2 (£4.19). 

Game Description:

Peace was supposed to prevail in the lands of Ixtona, after a long war came to an end under the wise king, until a sudden plot and conspiracy threaten again its peace. Kyle, the prince of Ixtona now has to throw himself and his allies into a battle that will ultimately decide the fate of his kingdom. Throw yourself into turn-based strategy battles in different maps designed from an isometric view. Each character is specialized in melee, ranged or magic attacks. You can also hire new customizable characters, invest in the village for research and development, or change class to develop and strengthen your army. Enjoy all the rest of this full-scale strategy RPG with beautiful pixel artstyle!

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