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For those of you still indulging in the massively deep empire building and all-round, top drawer turn-based strategy provided by Age of Wonders: Planetfall, the latest DLC might just enhance your experience further. It’s the Star Kings expansion, which has arrived to unite the Star Union once and for all on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Star Kings expansion is the third and final part of the planned Season Pass content, following the Revelations and Invasions DLC. Finally, the time has come to unite the shattered Star Union and ensure peace is restored to the galaxy. This entails suiting up the noble Paladins belonging to a new playable faction known as the Oathbound. As such, there’s an additional campaign to delve into, following the Oathbound on a quest to sow the seeds for a new Empire. 

These arc weapon wielding Paladins, aided by mysterios Seers, wear massive battle suits in their bid to save mankind, representing everything that’s still good in the midst of the conflict. Along the way, you’ll discover the truth behind the dangers that face the world and find the ancient Grail Configuration. The Grails could make the difference in the mission to save the galaxy as they are powerful new landmark structures which can be added in order to gain long term bonuses.  Three new wildlife groups are also introduced: the vampire-like rock creatures, Psionica; the Apostates, former Oathbound that have given up their vows to embrace chaos; and the bizarre Mycelians, sentient mushrooms that have become cyborgs.

Features include:

  • New playable faction – The Oathbound:The Oathbound are a group of noble Paladins who pilot giant mechs and tear their foes apart with massive arc weapons imbued with lightning. The mythical Seers are the benevolent yet cunning leaders of the Oathbound that support their Paladin brethren in battle through their ability to see into the future from their connection with a mysterious computer system.
  • New story campaign: Follow the Oathbound on their sworn quest to save mankind and plant the seeds of a new Empire! Lead a noble Paladin and discover the truth behind the dangers that face her world. Find the ancient Grail Configuration and save the galaxy, or witness the last sparks of humanity fade away
  • Grail Configurations: Powerful new landmark structures earned through multi-stage quests. These mysterious structures were created by an extinct race of crystal entities and are used for powerful long term bonuses that are integral in forging the biggest  empires possible.
  • Wildlife additions:Three new wildlife groups are joining the fray. The Psionica, vampire-like rock creatures that feed on psychic energy; the Apostates, former Oathbound that have given up their vows to embrace chaos; and the Mycelians, sentient mushrooms that have taken control of farming equipment to become cyborgs.

The future is set to be in your hands as you forge your own empire, with the hopes of unifying all factions for good. But first, you’ll need to own Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Star Kings, which is priced at £16.74 on the Xbox Store. Alternatively, the digital stores for the other aforementioned platforms will serve you just as well. Let us know if you jump in to bring peace to the galaxy!

DLC Description:

Suit up as the noble Paladins of the new Oathbound faction, piloting giant mechs with massive arc weapons who have taken up the sacred charge of unifying the galaxy and saving all of mankind.

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