Croc’s World Construction Kit 2 Xbox

We’re not expecting Super Mario Maker levels of creativeness with this next title, but the ability to create your own levels in any video game is pretty cool. Let your imagination run wild in Croc’s World Construction Kit 2 on Xbox.

This cute 2D platformer has been kicking around for a few years on various platforms. It isn’t quite the same as legendary platformer Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, but whilst we wait for that remake we still have this 2D crocodile to keep us company.

Croc’s World Construction Kit 2 builds quite literally upon its predecessor in many ways:

  • 6 different settings
  • 48 items to choose from
  • 6 endbosses
  • publish your own levels on the internet
  • play levels created by others
  • new slopetiles

Those settings can vary from green fields to icy worlds and caves beneath the surface. All elements are available in all settings so you needn’t worry that your favourite obstacles will only work in the volcano levels either.

Once you have created your level you can publish it online for others to try. And likewise, you can download other people’s creations on the internet to try them out for yourself. Maybe you are looking for some inspiration to be able to finish your own or are just looking for a bigger challenge. You are sure to find something new and exciting everytime.

As well as the six bosses you have three different characters to control. Croc is joined by a kangaroo and a baby Croc. Not sure how a crocodile and a kangaroo would get on in the same room but that is a question for another time.

Available to download now, Croc’s World Construction Kit 2 is on the Xbox store for £4.19. There is also a free trial to download to see if you like it before you part with your cash. We’ll also have a review coming soon to help you decide either way. For now though, let us know in the comments who would win in a fight between a crocodile and a kangaroo.

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