Dr. Jonathan Reid is becoming the very monster he swore to protect the citizens of London from and today’s latest Vampyr gameplay trailer shows that he may need to sacrifice a few for the greater good. Without these much needed sacrifices to evolve the vampire abilities he possesses, his deadly foes will continue to wreak havoc!

In action-RPG Vampyr, the best source of XP is reaped from the succulent blood of London’s citizens as you learn and enhance the abilities of the protagonist Dr. Reid. Despite wanting to save the locals from the current epidemic sweeping through the city, it’s really become a case of deciding who gets to live and who deserves to be slaughtered. Through investigation, you can weigh up the impact of killing certain people and whether it’ll affect the ecosystem; kill too many and an entire district could collapse.

Once the blood of his victims has been drained sufficiently, he’ll be able to learn and subsequently evolve powerful combat abilities. The closer combat ones allow Dr. Reid to close gaps swiftly, pouncing from afar before slashing enemies with deadly claws, whilst others like the Bloodspear ability lets him deal damage at a distance. The greater the levels of power obtained, the more fear inducing they are, even to other vampires. Abyss gives the option to unleash the shadows within and Rage targets entire enemy groups and strikes them with a fury. One has to question the cost in terms of blood being spilled in order to actually save London.

DONTNOD Entertainment’s Vampyr releases 5th June on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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