There’s less than a week to go for the DOLMEN Kickstarter campaign and Massive Work Studio want to end their ‘making of’ series with a look at what it takes to create a game as well as what it’s like to be part of a development team.

Producer Pedro Bastos says, “I don’t think there is a big game out there that wasn’t born from a crazy idea.” And in DOLMEN’s case, the friends who formed Massive Work Studio were told by those around them to keep it simple, but fortunately for us gamers that just wasn’t an option. Despite the uphill struggles along the way, they dreamt of how DOLMEN should and now it’s all come together as they had imagined it. Since the initial idea of wanting to create a game, over a year has passed and Massive Work have created a project in DOLMEN that they own and have complete faith in.

In case you’ve missed out on what DOLMEN’s about, it’s a spine tingling horror action-RPG set in space which challenges players to survive the harsh elements and deadly monstrosities of an extremely hostile alien world – Revion Prime. One way to describe this terrifying new game is Dark Souls meets Dead Space, and if that piques your interest then be sure to have a gander at their Kickstarter campaign.

Should the initial $90,000 funding goal be met in the remaining days, DOLMEN will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in late 2019, with the possibility of a Nintendo Switch version if an early stretch goal is reached.

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