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Vicious vertical platformer Jump King to deliver Xbox One, PS4 and Switch humour

Jump King

Jump King has been delivering high-stakes platforming action for nigh on a year over on PC, but today comes news that the game will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch later this year. 

Created by the development team at Nexile and seeing the publishing side of things handled by UKIYO Publishing, in Jump King, one wrong leap will see you plummeting all the way back to the bottom. Critically acclaimed – at least if you take the Steam reviews as read – Jump King provides humour, challenge and a ton of platforming opportunities, and as 2020 continues to roll around, we’ll be finding the game launching on console.

Jump King is sold as a tough as nails, tongue-in-cheek platforming game that challenges players to ascend a colossal tower to rescue the mythical “Smoking Hot Babe” who is found right at the very top. In this Tactical Leaping Adventure, players must set themselves in the desired position, charge their jump, aim, then let gravity do its thing as they make each nerve-wracking leap. Should they be the right and true king of jumping, they shall land on a ledge. Otherwise… well, it could be a long drop down.

Thankfully, every single point of progress in Jump King is saved along the way, but then, so is every setback. Jumps that cause you little grief one time may become the bane of your existence upon encountering them again but it is here where it is worth experimenting with different routes and tactics; Jump King features multiple paths to success. And to make it even more exciting , everything found inside is wrapped up in a nostalgic pixel art aesthetic, full of colourful characters and evocative locales.

If you’re after a challenge then Jump King will certainly provide it. In fact, it is an extraordinarily difficult game, yet it can be relished by anyone looking for a tough but fair challenge. Sadistic enough to drive a seasoned gamer to tears, Jump King is still more than accessible enough for all, mostly due to its simple controls and mechanics. Just remember, perseverance is key

“Jump King was made to make you look silly. It makes jumping, something often taken for granted in games, into the sole challenge of the game!,” said Felix Wahlström of Nexile. “It looks quite stupid – why are people having trouble jumping with simple three-button controls? But once you give it a try you understand why and get sucked into the engaging gameloop! It is a modern idea in a captivating and nostalgic package that we think will hit the spot for console gamers”.

“Jump King has caused our team so much pain and anguish that we lost our sanity and decided we must introduce the rest of the world to this hell we have wrought,” said Paul Hann of UKIYO Publishing. “Its conclusion still eludes me, but one day I know I will conquer it. One day…”

Want to know more? Hit up the Steam page and check out Jump King for yourself right now, or take in the latest trailer below. Failing that just hold tight until we let you know of the confirmed Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch release date.

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