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It took a little while, but over recent years all manner of companies have been vying for a place on the head of gamers. Whereas the gaming headset market was previously pretty much sewn up by the likes of Turtle Beach and Astro, we’ve not got RIG, Audeze, EPOS and more all looking to grab a piece of the very profitable pie. The latest company to enter the scene is that of VZR with their Model One – the audiophile gaming headset. 

Shipping in the Americas come July 29th 2021 with orders flying out to other countries a little later in the year, VZR and the Model One looks to disrupt the scene by proving that there is space for some great sounding headsets, without the need for breaking the bank. 

At least that is what the founder of VZR, Vic Tiscareno, former lead acoustics engineer at Apple thinks, even if the Model One does come to market for a cool $349.  “During my career working with Steve Jobs at Apple, I realized that headphones don’t need to break the bank to be high-quality if you take care in the design,” said Vic Tiscareno, Founder, VZR. “The Model One delivers just what the audiophile gamer needs: a sound that delivers critical performance when necessary while being enjoyable to listen to, and all at a price well below what you’d pay for audiophile-quality headphones. VZR is ready to change the game.”

As high a price as that may seem, we think there’a enough in the Model One to warrant such a tag, and after using other headsets with in a similar price range, can vouch that in many cases the more you spend, the better the outcome. 

But what is so special about the upcoming VZR Model One? Well, it’s being sold as the audiophile gaming headset, providing a no-compromise design (honestly, it looks flipping great) that in turn is able to deliver detailed sound to the gamer, helping them win and succeed in the process. 

A high-fidelity audio experience, the Model One comes with patented CrossWave technology. This is a proprietary acoustic lens design that reshapes audio to emulate how our ears perceive sound in real life. 

Further to that, the VZR Model One delivers realistic positional audio that enhances spatial awareness, along with audio clarity that is strong enough for users to discern subtle cues other gaming headsets wouldn’t – and couldn’t – pick up. The VZR Model One also features a detachable boom mic that just so happens to come with an acoustic, patent-pending noise-cancelling design, ensuring a clear voice sound for gaming with others, complete with a handy mute switch.

That’s not all though and the headphones provide an accurate and natural frequency response tuned to a proprietary VZR target that faithfully represents music for both listening and audio production purposes. And thanks to CrossWave, the Model One provides improved separation, openness and accurate 3D spatial positioning akin to a reference speaker system, all without digitally altering the audio source.

Finally, the VZR Model One consists of superior components, with custom, individually matched, 40mm drivers alongside lightweight copper aluminium wiring that provide low distortion and wide bandwidth. The cables and microphone are detachable for easy storage, whilst the custom, angled earpads have been designed with comfort and acoustic performance in mind, able to enhance bass and lower overall heat build-up.

You’ll find that the Model One works with PC, console (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch), mobile devices and pretty much anything that has a 3.5mm jack input. If you’re tempted by the VZR Model One audiophile gaming headset, then head on over to VZR direct and stick a pre-order in. And let us know in the comments what you are most excited about with this latest headset to come to market.

You could do worse than check out the trailer too.

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