my time at portia relationships

All work and no play can occasionally be a tad dull, so it’s refreshing to see that the charming sandbox RPG My Time at Portia makes time outside of the workshop rebuilding effort to enable budding relationships to blossom with local folk in the latest trailer. Prepare to meet, befriend and even romance during your time spent in Portia!

As seen showcased in the My Time at Portia relationships trailer – following the previous craft-focused one – you can build these relationships through getting to know your fellow Portians, giving gifts, playing the classic ‘rock, paper, scissors’ activity and taking part in festival events like cooking hot pots together or having snowball fights during the Winter Solstice. When it’s time for a date, Portia has plenty of other options too. How about going for a cosy meal for two at The Round Table? Or you can try to impress your partner by popping balloons in the shooting gallery and dazzling with your skills.

The more adventurous couples out there could crank things up a notch by enjoying the sights from horseback or going for a sunset cruise in a hot air balloon. Starting to feel like love is in the air for you both? Confess your feelings by giving your partner a heart knot and spark a romance that allows you to go on proper romantic dates, and if you so choose, even get married!

It all sounds rather lovely, doesn’t it? Don’t forget that My Time at Portia is currently available via Steam on PC and will be arriving this Spring for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, courtesy of Team17 and Pathea Games.


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