Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? Xbox

Put your hands up anyone that absolutely despised the online conference calls with family and friends during lockdown. I’ll admit it, I hated them, and they only affected my social needs negatively. No amount of quizzes, banter or seeing my niece smile for the first time made them any more enjoyable. But a murder mystery where you must work against the clock to discover who poisoned Uncle Marcus? Now that sounds interesting. Find out Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? today on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Coming from FMV manufacturers Wales Interactive – those of Bloodshore, Five Dates and Late Shift fame – are back with another: Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? Their ability to cover all FMV genres is needed once again in this darkly comic whodunit. As the niece of Uncle Marcus, it is up to you to interview and interrogate the other six family members on the call and find out who the killer is.

As you investigate, you will discover that each member has their own secret to hide, regardless of whether they poisoned Uncle Marcus. At the end of each round, you can review all the new evidence you have gathered and begin to piece together the puzzle. This information can be reviewed at any point in the main menu.

And don’t worry if you accuse the wrong family member at the end, there is still plenty of other secrets to discover.

Our review doesn’t reveal the killer, but it can tell you whether Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? is worth picking up or not.

Featuring such talent as Andy Buckley (The Office), Al Weaver (The Complex) and Georgia Small (Five Dates, Bloodshore), this new FMV game puts a dark spin on the laborious Zoom calls.

Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? is out now on the Xbox Store priced at £9.99. There is a slight introductory discount dropping it down to £8.99 for a brief period. Let us know in the comments if you are a fan of Wales Interactive and fancy picking this one up too.

Game description

The family quiz is a long-held tradition but this year, Abby receives some shocking news: someone has poisoned Uncle Marcus! Make decisions throughout the story to uncover the truth and try to save him before it is too late.

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