There’s a new game in town and this one puts us behind the wheel of a super powerful piece of kit – a speedboat! Dare you take the challenge?

Available right now on Xbox One (although seemingly limited to North America only), Speedboat Challenge brings 19 race tracks, 5 landscapes, 8 weather variations, 10 levels and 50 racing goals as you pilot your speedboat against the world’s greatest water-based racers! A single player league, practice options and a full on treasure hunt complete your experience.

Just be prepared to get wet!

You can grab it right now for $13.99 from the Xbox Games Store whilst our full review will be with you soon. We’ll be sure to let you know whether it appears elsewhere or not.

Game Description:

Take the challenge and drive against the best pilots of the world! Speedboat Challenge is a high quality motorboat race simulation. Make your driving career in the powerboat league. You drive a configurable high power speedboat on different race tracks through amazing landscapes. – singleplayer league, practice and treasure hunt – high-end autopilot with lifelike computer driving, like real players – impressive real-time physics with realistic movements and reactions – light model with sunshine, artificial light, darkness and real-time shadows Take a introduction in tutorial and gather additional experience in practice with your coach. Your first race can start very soon. Collecting your win bonus enables you to upgrade your boat and be competitive in higher league levels. – 19 race tracks – 5 landscapes – 8 weather variations – 7 boats simultaneously – 5 configurable boat parameters – 10 levels – 50 racing goals Your speedboat pilot career brings you to diverse race tracks in amazing landscapes around the world: – Norway Fiord – Bavaria Water Speed Park – Metropia City Maze – Alpine Canyon – Caribbean Islands Each landscape has a charm of its own. Take the time to watch the details and enjoy the atmosphere of unique water tracks in different weather conditions. – ocean, river and channel tracks – underground city sewerage – underground thunder dome – mountain canyon and tunnel – ocean and river islands – waterfalls and waves – ramps and fire challenges – rocks and shelf – jurassic beach Speedboat Challenge is a race game. It does not include any fighting, killing or violence. Driving a powerboat, even in a simulation, is a task that needs to be learned and practiced. With the help of the trainer and by upgrading your boat, you can improve your skills step by step and become an experienced driver in an amazing high sophisticated league.

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