It’s quite obvious that the arrival of Williams Pinball Volume 1 was a bit of a hit when Zen Studios released the pack on to Pinball FX3 back in October – so much so that the launch of Volume 2 is fast approaching.

Announced today by Zen Studios is the Williams Pinball Volume 2 for Pinball FX3, with the pack of tables hitting Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC come December 4th 2018.

Priced up at $9.99 (or the local equivalent), Volume 2 will once again bring a trio of tables to the game – Party Zone, Black Rose, and Attack from Mars – with classic sims and remastered versions of each table available.

As you may expect, and just as Williams Pinball Volume 1 featured a dragon bursting to life and a fisherman reeling ‘em in, the remastered 1990s classics in Williams Pinball Volume 2 are enhanced in similar ways.

In The Party Zone, host Captain B. Zarr comes to life as a 3D interactive character parading around on a giant rocket, while Attack from Mars fires missiles upon a flying saucer circling the playfield, thanks to the orders barked by a 3D-animated general. At the same time, Black Rose, Queen of the High Seas, captains her fully 3D-animated ship across a spinning globe as you loot a treasure chest and fire an interactive cannon. Of course, classic simulations are still available for anyone craving the most authentic arcade experience.

“The overwhelmingly positive response from the pinball community since the launch of Williams Pinball Volume 1 has resulted in people of all ages and skill levels experiencing classic premium pinball in exciting new ways,” said Mel Kirk, Vice President of Publishing at Zen Studios. “Williams Pinball Volume 2 brings players a set of classic Bally tables – with themes everyone loves, like alien invasions, pirates and…well, partying – and I am thrilled that these games have found a home in Pinball FX3.”

We’ll be sure to remind you when the time comes for you to get involved in the latest Williams tables for Pinball FX3, but in the meantime we highly recommend that you check out the first Volume 1 set of table too.

Let us know what you think of the arrival of more Williams tables by posting in the comments below.

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