pinball fx3 williams volume 3

Zen Studios really upped the ante when they pushed Pinball FX3 out to the world in 2017, revamping the pinball scene like never before. Since that time there have been a whole host of brilliant table additions added in too, with the Williams Pinball Volume 3 pack the latest to arrive.

Following on from the previous Williams Pinball packs, and dropping in right now to Pinball FX3 on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and also to the Google Play Store and iOS Appstore on mobile, the Pinball FX3 – Williams Pinball Volume 3 delivers 3 new tables, revamping some absolute classics in the process.

Williams Pinball Volume 3 comes with Theatre of Magic, Champion’s Pub and Safe Cracker included, and this therefore means the arrival of one of the most requested tables since the whole Zen/Williams partnership was created.

That favoured table is that of Theatre of Magic – the #3 table in the International Pinball Database – as Zen deliver a classic old theatre where the most magical of powers have lain dormant. You’ll get the chance to meet a young magician, who will help levitate balls in the Spirit Ring, all as you go for those super highscores. Can you find the many secrets within?

Further to that and there is the addition of a bit of brawling in Champion’s Pub. This will see you hitting out to become a champion with a super rare table that includes all the equipment you will ever need to prove your worth – a heavy bag, a speed bag and a jump rope!

Last but certainly not least is that of the Safe Cracker. This stunning piece of work will you see going up against the clock in order to break into the bank vault that holds magic tokens. As you may expect, things won’t be easy, and you’ll be left dodging guards, laser beams, alarms and dogs in order to grab the loot. It may sound tough, but should you spend enough time with the Safe Cracker, you’ll quickly find out why Zen Studios have included it in the Williams Pinball Volume 3 Pack.

All of these tables are available to play via Pinball FX3 in both their classic form and that of the remastered variety. Expect to spot updated visuals, a ton of new features and plenty of animated goodies to get involved with.

For the price of £8.39, if you’re a pinball fan and have a copy of Pinball FX3 to hand, then a purchase of the Williams Pinball Volume 3 pack on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC or mobile something to really consider. Pop over to a digital store near you now

If you wish to dip into a different table, then there are a ton of those available too. Make sure you have a read of our full reviews of the following:

Game Description:

This stunning collection of three authentic Bally™ tables includes THEATRE OF MAGIC™, SAFE CRACKER™, and THE CHAMPION PUB™. All available to play both in their classic original form and as remastered tables with updated graphics, animated toys, and a host of new features! – THEATRE OF MAGIC: You have the magic! This classic table presents a ravishing magician who morphs into a tiger and a bird, along with pinballs that levitate or suddenly change direction, plus a magic trunk packed with tricks and surprises. – SAFE CRACKER: You’re almost in the vault! Safe Cracker™ combines two games into one. Work against time to break into the bank, then make your way around the board game in the backglass to break into the vault! – THE CHAMPION PUB: Welcome to Champion Pub, kid! Train hard and battle brawler after brawler in front of a packed house. Knock out five in a row and you’ll be crowned Pub Champion!

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