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It’s all well and good believing the hype that surrounds a host of new games, but it’s equally decent to be able to be surprised by some under-the-radar affairs. It’s the latter which we’re hoping for with the release of Colorful Colore on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Colorful Colore may have been kicking around on Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam for a few months, but for those of us totally ingrained in the Xbox world, it’s one that we weren’t particularly aware of. 

That changes today though with launch of Colorful Colore. Playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, this makes a move to Microsoft’s gaming boxes via the Gagonfe team and they at Phoenix Reborn Games to deliver players the opportunity to work the colours of the room in order to find your exit goal. 

Priced at £4.19, Colorful Colore is a puzzler at heart and only by embracing that vibe will you be able to find it within yourself to understand the different mechanics at play and find any form of success. With a pretty basic but well working visual style, we’re not expecting to be blown away by anything that Colorful Colore provides but then one glance at the small but positive Steam reaction, makes us want to reconsider. You’ll be sure to find out what we think for real in our full review of Colorful Colore on Xbox soon. 

If you wish to give this colourful little puzzler a shot, and reckon the vibrancy is enough to drag you in, you’ll be able to grab a download of the game from the Xbox Store. You’ll also find it on PC and Nintendo Switch

Game Description:

Colorful Colore is a Puzzle Labyrinth game, where your goal is to reach the exit while matching the right colors in the room and interacting with different mechanics.

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